Plus size women are only a mere 62% percent of the population so where is CURVY Barbie?  Since last week it’s been a outrage in our office about yet again another new Barbie thats NOT plus size. CURVY contacted Mattel regarding this new Barbie and the reasons as to why no release of a CURVY Barbie. Our calls wasn’t returned. We refuse to leave our voice unheard.

We ask  all 96 million of the plus size population to stand with us! Please go sign, share, retweet, facebook, instagram, smoke signal, or sky write our Petition to Mattel on!


Here is the scary part: Our current Barbies in real life would stand 5 feet 9 inches have the estimated at 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips) and would probably weigh around 110 pounds. That is a  BMI of 16.2  being putting Barbie extremely underweight. Just based on Barbie’s current BMI she needs to gain weight. How about that CURVY Barbie? Barbie should be at a healthy BMI! Time to make a change and not allow our daughters to idolize a body that scary unrealistic and unhealthy.


  1. Why don’t you come out with your own doll Barbie is used and abused Time for a new Doll Star.alot of men feel the barbie’s real name is Barbara which sucks name the Doll KEKE cause at least you fine.

  2. Barbie was never ever sexy to boys I’m sure your curvy doll will be nicety look at at barbies hair stiffens up and has her looking like a Don Imus Imgination..Nappy head Hoe

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