Reminisce Smith also known as Remy Ma ties the knot with her long time boyfriend Papoose. The couple originally got married in 2008 while Remy was serving a six-year jail sentence. Now out Remy Ma wanted to celebrate with her family and friends as she only could fabulously.

The storyline comes to play on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop as Papoose surprises her with a baby doll while enjoying lunch. Remy which has a child from a previous relationship and Papoose with children of his own took her time to say yes. To buy herself a little time she mentioned she wanted a proper wedding first, as sources revival that the original ceremony was over the phone which didn’t allow any physical interaction with the couple.

Papoose being the loving and caring person he is, the gentlemen of the year surprises Remy at Oheka Castle. The way the episode pans out it seems as he had already paid for the wedding, but it seems like the December 17 ceremony took place in Connecticut’s Aria Wedding and Banquet facility. Wonder what really happened? I have confirmed with VH1 that the event has been taped for Love & Hip Hop, I wonder if we are going to find out really what happened. In any case, Remy looked gorgeous in her grown with her star-studded guest including her fellow Love & Hip Hop cast member, Fat Joe and Keyshia Cole to name a few. Can’t wait to stay tuned to see what unfolds.

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