The premiere issue of CURVY Magazine is here! 100+ pages of style! Get swim sexy and pledge #nofomo. 5 things your friends are lying to you about relationships. 10 ways to be sexy. Get spotlight stealing eyes. Featured interview with Loni Love talking about love, life & cats. Behind the seams with Annafesta. And so much more! |


  1. […] Once again, welcome to CURVY Magazine, where you can see your favorite super model, yourself, your best friend, your sister, or even your mother grace our pages. Now, with over half a million followers, this premiere issue is the start of our monthly publication for the first time ever! Our editorials are shot, not only in the US, but in Brazil, Germany, Canada, UK, Italy, France, and Spain. I am very proud of the work our team is accomplishing around the world. It’s a REVOLUTION! I look forward to reading your feedback. And I hope our team and myself have done you proud. View the issue HERE. […]

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