The bedroom use to be for relaxation and a place where the magic happens. Now it has turned into an office/laundry room. Clothes piled high in the corner and paper stacked everywhere. Distractions like those can put a halt on you romantic sessions. Appearance of a room can play a major part in a person’s mood. Revamping your bedroom can create an atmosphere that makes you want to turn up the heat. Here are a few tips to create a sexier bedroom:

Sexy bedroom
1.Make it  look Sexy

Sex up your bedroom by adding new soft sheets for example silk. Also a comfortable soft comforter could relax you and set the mood. Adding more mirrors to the room may make some people self-conscious but it can also  keep your drive going by watching your reflections. Avoid putting up pictures of kids, family members, mom and dad. No one want people staring at them. That’s just weird.lips_mic

2. Sound is Everything

The sound of soft slow jams are sure to  stimulate erotic emotions. Stay away from fast paced songs that can throw you and your partner off. Choose your music selection wisely.

3.Lighting is Key

Lighting candles aren’t just for sight. They give the softest, warmest sexiest light ever. Bright light can often make people a litter uncomfortable. Installing a dimmer switch just might be well worth it. Dimming the lights will be sure to keep you lit and make you bedroom more sexy.

4. Smell Sexy

Scented candles always give a romantic vibe. Be sure not to over power the room with fragrances. That can take away from the moment.

Valentine CandyGram
5. Taste Sexy

Last but not least add some flavor to the bedroom. Trying new flavored lubricants can spice up the night or day.  Also aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, bananas, and strawberries can build you sex drive. Adding whip cream won’t hurt.