The Lazy Lee Woman’s Dream  storage unit is the best invention since sliced bread. The Shoe & Accessory Storage Unit, created by Logical Design Concepts,is the only revolving shoe an d accessory storage unit of its kind holding up to 228 pairs of shoes. A Woman’s Dream makes it easy and convenient to store all your favorite shoes and accessories, allowing you to see and select them at a glance! The maker uses a proprietary patent pending mechanism that allows it to revolve smoothly and quietly.


A Woman’s Dream is available in a variety of  colors and sizes to fit most walk-in closets. A Woman’s Dream is also great for areas where space is limited, such as lofts and condos. Originally offered only in conjunction with custom closet installations, A Woman’s Dream is now available for easy at-home installation—only a screwdriver is needed to assemble.

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  1. I’d need to build an entirely new room onto my tiny house to fit my dream closet

  2. ha ha I’m the shoe hoarder in our family which my wife gives me constant teasing about but I like to treat out lots of different sneakers, hiking boats, sandals and running shoes.

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