2012 Gift Ideas for Spring

There are so many amazing events that come with spring! There are holidays, special occasions, family events, as well as graduations, proms, etc. There can also be many birthdays, weddings and showers. I will definitely have some more specific items when it comes closer to Mother’s Day, but I wanted to share some amazing products from all over that may help with ideas for gifts. There are so many hot trends out this season and you always want to make the right impression. With that I mind, I bring you my Spring Gift Guide:

For the stylish Fashionista:



This is a company that can meet all your expectations. With an amazing craftsmanship that is truly unique, they are the epitome of glamour. Whether you have a daughter getting ready for a special event such as graduation or prom or your looking for that something special, this is the company that can create it for you. They are famous for their celebrity following (including Khloe kardashian) who love to “bling” out their home phones, clutch purses, etc. This brand truly sets apart from the rest. They can custom create whatever you like into true art. With nothing more than 100% Svarovski crystals, they bring style to a whole new level. They even custom make one of a kind heels covered in crystals that is a must have for the fashionista in your life. I can truly say that you will be mesmerized with the incredible attention to detail that makes their products truly unique and iconic. Since they are custom ordered, you want to contact them at least a couple of weeks in advance for special gifts, etc. They are dedicated to provide the absolute best in customer service and their packaging is phenomenal. For more information, go to: www.kollada.com

For the new homeowner or Spring Holidays:


This is a company founded by a loving mother of two with a gift of artistic creation. She creates, designs and hand pours her candles out of her home in New York. With a dedicated ambition, she is working to leave a legacy for her children to take over in the future. Her candles are amazing and fragrant with gorgeous designs and packaging. She is truly one of a kind in her craft with a truly impeccable and growing reputation. She is dedicated to give you the best in customer service and with her 100% soy wax candles, she provides an amazing and eco-friendly gift. These are perfect for hostess gifts, housewarmings or just something unique for a special friend. You will truly love what you find in her etsy shop! Check out: Heidycountrycandle

For the Book lover:
Amazon Kindle Fire

We all have that person in our life who just LOVES to read. They are always looking on the New York Times bestseller’s list and checking out what is the newest books that are out. They love to get lost in a world that is mesmerizing. They can even be one of those who love to reread old classic novels and relive tales that can be shared with those special to them. These people are often those who are on the go and may not always have the time to run to the bookstore and pick up the latest novel. So why not give them the gift that brings the world of literature to their fingertips? The new Amazon Kindle Fire is an amazing tablet built to provide the fastest network to download and read all the books you want. It also works as a tablet to explore the internet, download your favorite apps and even a few fun games. Priced at $199, this is something that can be perfect for your best friend, the overachieving student and the mom who never gets to take that time for herself. For more information, go to: www.amazon.com
 For the Trendsetter:
Fine Featherheads



This season, the trends are hot with everything from the fashion forward to the Boho-chic. The hottest accessory now is: Feathers! You can see them on some of the coolest celebrities around like Tori Spelling and Steven Tyler. This happening trend can be found at the one and only: Fine Featherheads. They are a line of high end accessories featuring the most beautiful creations such as Quill Clips, earrings and fly ties (The best hair tie around). The come in an assortment of beautiful colors and patterns to fit every style. Get a customized head dress to wear with that perfect Maxi dress for outdoor events, etc. This is truly a fabulous brand that will put you in touch with your wilder side and open your mind to an artistic look. They are great for all hair lengths and the more you wear, the better the look. So go to: www.finefeatherheads.com today and find the perfect gift that will stand out in a crowd.
For the Chocolate Lover:
Sweet Surrender Fudge


From the streets  of Atlanta, Georgia comes Sweet Surrender fudge. They provide the highest quality of creamy, smooth fudge in the south. The product is fabulous with its array of flavors and selections. With everything from fudge tarts to single serve cups, they can give you just the right amount you are looking for. Their flavors are a feast for the senses with cappucino and hazelnut to mint fudge and peanut butter. They even have cheesecake flavor. This is definitely a brand that can appeal to everyone’s unique tastes. The best part is that you can have them bring the fudge shop directly to your home or have it delivered to that special someone. With their fabulous customer service, they can help you create the gift set of your dreams. Perfect for spring holidays and special events. For more information, go to: www.sweetsurrenderfudge.com

Just Because:
Edible Arrangements



There are lots of celebratory events in the spring: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, birthdays, graduations, etc. Or maybe you just want to send someone you love a little sunshine one day. Edible Arrangements is truly an amazing gift that will make the recipient the happiest person in the world. They are gorgeous for parties to use as centerpieces and look beautiful at the dinner table for a special night with family. Whatever the occasion may be, choosing to send an edible arrangement will make it much sweeter. Choose from a variety of fruits and themes, you can customize it however you like. It will really send a message of how much you care. For more information, go to: www.ediblearrangements.com

For the Techie:
The new iPad

Technology is all around us these days and it can be hard to keep up with everything. We are always on the move and rushing to go to work, school, etc. We may not always have the time to keep track of our emails, etc. This is definitely the dawn of a new day and apple sets the precedant on convenience and efficiency. Maybe you have a friend who is starting up a business or just got into law school, medical school or real estate. These are people that are in constant need to stay in touch with their colleagues, classmates and professors. A smartphone may not be enough to get everything done. With the high need for constant communication, Apple has launched the newest model of the iPad featuring a new retina display, iSight camera and super fast 4G LTE for the highest internet speed possible. It allows you to do everything you need right in the palm of your hand. It is the perfect must have for proficient people on the go. For more information, go to: www.apple.com

So I hope this is just a few ideas for any special occasions and celebrations coming up this season. I wanted to include a little bit of everything. I will be back with another gift guide for Mother’s and Father’s Day, so stay tuned. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to comment below. Enjoy this beautiful time of year! xoxo


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