About CURVY Magazine

CURVY is a women-focused publication bridging the gap between myth and reality regarding beauty and body image. Though CURVY’s multimedia channels, our content covers the latest and best of trends in fashion, entertainment, beauty, health, positive body image, and lifestyle.

Why CURVY Magazine?

Over 155 Million women in the US and 62% of those women are a size 12 or above – that’s about 96 million plus size women. Yes, 96 million women that do NOT have any publication in print targeting their wants or needs. The largest female consumer base has no voice in media. The time is NOW for Curvy Magazine. And the numbers have proven because in less than a year Curvy Magazine has grown to be the 2nd largest online plus size publication in the United States. Now we ask for your help to allow us to reach the majority of today’s female consumers, the plus size woman.