Adrianne Palicki, The New Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has been released by NBC with a revamped costume. About a month after Adrianne Palicki slid into the role of “Wonder Woman” for David E. Kelley’s upcoming NBC pilot, the actress has slipped on the costume. I was hoping for a curvier body in the new costume but here we go….

The new costume include skin-tight blue latex pants and silver bracelets (instead of gold ones); but most noticeabe are the blue boots instead of the traditional red ones. The new outfit also seems to coincide with the recent comic book update to the costume as well, as seen in artist Don Kramer’s artwork for Wonder Woman #607, which came out in February.
Palicki also plays Wonder Woman’s alter-ego, Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Diana Prince, an Amazonian princess who, in the original series, rescues a fighter pilot and brings him home to America after he crash lands on her home of Paradise Island. Her powers include great strength and agility – the source of which come from a golden belt; and she can deflect bullets with her bracelets. She also carries a golden Lasso of Truth, which, when used on an enemy forces them to tell the truth. Joining Palicki in the pilot are Elizabeth Hurley, who plays the villainous boss of a pharmaceutical company creating drugs to make people stronger; and Cary Elwes, who will play the CEO of Prince’s company.
I actually like Kim K as wonder woman.

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