All about Airbrush series, Part 2: Luminess Air

Hello to all my gorgeous airbrushed beauties! I am here with the next installment of my airbrush series. In this, I will be sharing my insight and information on the Luminess air airbrush system. With a butterfly logo and incredible water-based foundation, this is an awesome kit that you should look into. Without further delay, here is some information on the brand itself:

Luminess Air was developed by leading makeup artists from the fashion, print, television and film industries along with cosmetic chemists and colorists. Our Luminess Air formulators and cosmetics designers have a minimum of 15 to 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and have run the research and development departments of some of the leading cosmetics brands in the country. Our formulations are rated amongst the best makeup in terms of quality, result and design.

Luminess Air never tests products on animals. We believe in making our cosmetics as simple, holistic, organic and natural as possible. And you will never find us sitting still; our designers and formulators are constantly working on the next generation innovation to revolutionize the cosmetic industry.
Today, Luminess Air is the leader in airbrush cosmetics with the most advanced airbrush cosmetics formulations and airbrush innovations. Chances are that you have seen our product on Hollywood A-listers, films, TV shows, covers of major fashion magazines, runway shows, network television anchors and celebrities for a while now without ever knowing about Luminess Air. We were once only available to the trade by word-of-mouth but today, Luminess Air is available for everyone.

History behind airbrush cosmetics
Originally Airbrush makeup was developed for the film industry as conventional makeup would look harsh under dramatic lighting.  Conventional powders and liquid makeup could not keep up with the flawless smoothness produced by an airbrush.  And recently, airbrush makeup has become the standard with the advent of High Definition TV.  HDTV is so incredibly sharp that wrinkles, laugh lines and even brush strokes from conventional makeup are visible on television. Airbrush cosmetics came to the rescue as the results of airbrush makeup looks naturally flawless and not like the “caked-on” – “baked-on” makeup that are the results of powders/minerals and conventional liquid makeup systems.


It is truly a very user friendly system with shades that are perfect for any skin tone and type. It can take a few days to get used to applying your foundation with airbrush. You learn how to hold the pen shaped gun properly and apply evenly on the skin. Once you do, you will really enjoy it.

It comes with an instructional dvd and booklet to help you. You can custom order your kit to include everything from foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter and even eyeshadows. Because it is a water-based foundation, you might want to use a primer if your skin is a little on the dry side. If you have an oilier complexion, these foundations will work fabulous for you. The makeup is high quality and does not clog pores. Once applied, the makeup can last up to 10 hours and looks flawless. I highly give this brand a great recommendation for all your beauty needs. For more information, go to: Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at: Stay beautiful my airbrushed goddesses!!! Xoxo

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