Amber Riley and Chris Colfer for Grazia France

Chris Colfer and Amber Riley sat down with Grazia France March 25, 2011 and give a some insight to their personal lives with a funny Q&A.

Here is the English Translation

What are you doing Sunday night?
Amber : I go to bed early, to be in shape for Monday
Chris : I am lying on the sofa, with a pot of ice cream while watching TV
What is the style for you?
Amber : Leaving home and have Bad Romance of Lady Gaga stuck in your head
Chris : Self-confidence. And then you realize in the tabloids that you were not as “chic” as this
A favour that you don’t like to do?
Amber : Anything that involves having to drive
Chris : I do favour for people but nobody pay me back. So I decided to stop
When do you feel useful?
Chris : During family celebrations, because they always call me upon. My parents are obsessed with the idea of me taking out the garbage.
Amber : When I cook for my friends.
What have you lost recently?
Amber : My luggage, here in Paris!
Chris : My youth … One day I woke up and it was gone.
What part of your body hurts you the most?
Amber : my feet
Chris : Her feet are hurting me! She wears these killer heels and I have to walk with her everywhere!
Name a word that disgusts you.
Amber : I can’t … Yes : « bugger » or « fungus »
Chris : « stupider » because, considering myself as someone educated, I cannot believe I said a word that does not exist.
A cliché, which is true about you?
Amber : I don’t know…
Chris : I put a lot of sun cream
What do you do when you’re drunk?
Chris : Next question !
What is the most effective way to discourage you?
Chris : Someone reminds me that I said “ stupider “
Amber : Tell me I cannot go shopping
How are your friends?
Chris : My friends are all brilliant
Amber : They are kind and generous
What is your favorite legal drug?
Chris : I am addicted to Coca Cola Light. And new technologies.
Amber : my cell phone, my iPad …
What is the compliment you hate to hear?
Amber : « You look so much better in real life than you do on TV!”
Chris : “With your voice, I thought you were a girl”
And what criticism does not displease you?
Chris : «You’re too young to understand »
Amber : don’t know…
What might make you feel better?
Amber : my cashmere blanket
Chris : candy and ice cream

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