Amy Quackenbush of Adele Salon in Seattle has 3 great tips for doing hair on a budget. They are as follows:

1. Invest in at least one good styling product and some good conditioner. Styling product DOES matter!

2. Also keep the nozzle on your blow dryer instead of heading to the salon for a blowout. The nozzle keeps the air flow in the right direction and keeps the metal that is inside the dryer far from your hair (no frizzling your ends).

3. Try your best to keep a cut maintenance schedule. Hair that hasn’t been shaped in over 6 months will have a harder time being styled and looking salon-quality finished. It’s like skin care, if you start good habits now, your hair will be better in the long run (and ultimately save you money!).

For fancier hairstyles you can use a product such as Glisten.

  • Glisten can accent any spring hair style and works with all kinds of hair. While Glisten is especially bright and sparkly in sunlight, it also dazzles under indoor lights.
  • For long hair, you can opt for a single strand around the face, on one side or on both sides, to frame the face. Or strips or single gems can be affixed in rows all over.
  • In curly or wavy hair, the hair can be gently pulled while Glisten is applied with a straightening iron, and then released to wind Glisten into the curls and waves.
  • In shorter or spiky hair, single crystals of Glisten can be placed around the crown for sparkle on top.
  • Glisten can also be applied to strands of hair woven into an up-do.

Glisten is available for $19.95 at www.micabeauty.com.

Tina Graham

Tina Graham is the Managing Editor of Curvy Magazine. She lives in Nw York City with her husband and daughter.

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