Let’s face it ladies, between working long hours, taking care of kids and our homes, sometimes we forget to take a little time out for ourselves. Of course we all would love to be able to have a wonderful, relaxing Spa treatment every now and then but who has the time? Well if you can’t make it to the Spa let’s bring the Spa experience to you.

First let everyone in your house know that the next hour (or more) belongs to you and you alone, if the house is not on fire or medical attention is not needed then “Do Not Disturb”.

Now showers are great in the mornings. You’re in a rush to get to work there’s just no time to lay back and relax in a tub. Well the time has come for a true bath experience. Turn the cell phone off. Slow down. Relax. The best way I know to relax my mind is to turn on some music. Whatever your favorite music is pop that CD in. Remember, it’s all about you. Just to get the mood right we need candles. Scented candles are the best; place them strategically around the bath and bedroom. It’s time to run that hot bath that you’ve been thinking about all day.

Along with the scented candles I love to have my bath water scented so I use Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Bath and Body Oil. Just sprinkle a few drops into the water you don’t need much. Now lay back with a bath pillow or folded towel placed beneath your head and relax. Let the music take you far away to exotic places as you inhale the sweet fragrance of the Almond Cookie Oil. Close your eyes. Enjoy the experience.

When you have completely relaxed and are ready to emerge from your mini-vacation, for a truly exhilarating feeling, rub your body down with Almond Cookie Sea Salt Scrub by Carol’s Daughter. Massage onto wet skin and gently rub in a circular motion. The sea salt exfoliates and smoothes the skin while the essential oils leave you feeling soft and smelling oh so sweet. Once you rinse off the remaining sea salt your skin will feel as soft as a newborn baby from your neck down to your toes.

If you need a second opinion about how luxurious your skin looks and feels then ask your significant other to come into the room. And if he’s not home then turn that cell phone back on. You might want to give him a call. *Wink*

All Carol’s Daughter products can be purchased online, at Sephora or in her retail Boutiques.