Michelle White, Creative Director, Frontcover Cosmetics www.frontcovercosmetics.com gives CM these these tips for a stand out eye!

Bright Eye
1. Shadowbase eye primer.
Apply Shadowbase across your whole eyelid and blend towards your brow bone. Using the edge of the stick, sweep under your bottom lashes.

2. Apply colour…
Press Bougainvillea across your eyelid using the rounded shader brush from the inner to outer corner of your eye. Sweep the colour out towards your temples and up towards your brow bone. Keep layering to build the colour.

3. Under the eye detail…
Using the mini blender brush, dot colour beneath your eye, following the lash line from inner to outer corner. Blend out to meet the colour above.

4. Highlight…
Dot Cloud Dance as a highlighter onto your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye and blend.

5. Define with Shadowline
Swirl Shadowline onto Black Spark and draw a line along your upper and lower lash line to define the outer corner of your eye.

Icy blue hues…
Try the look with Bluebell for an iridescent light blue wash of colour.

Under Eye
This is a new look that concentrating on the under eye area. Using the mini shading brush sweep any colour you like under your bottom lashes from the inner to outer corner of the eye and extend at the edge of the eye towards temples.

Reapply this colour and thicken the line. Blend to soften. To balance this look draw a line using Shadowline and Black Ink above your upper lashes, this line can be quite fine. Using the same colour draw a fine line on the lower lash line.

Double Lined Look
Easy to achieve, funky and fresh, all you need is Shadowline and your favourite eyeshadow colour! here we used deep blue, SEASTAR Domed Baked Powder Eyeshadow.

Top Tip
For a more intense colour make a paste on the back of your hand by scooping up the eyeshadow with the Shadowline wand. Wipe onto back of hand dipping the wand back into the pot several times and mixing with the shadow.

Steady your arm, place elbow on table and look into a mirror.
Draw a line using Shadowline paste, starting at the inner corner and drawing outwards along upper lashline, extending out to create a retro flick. Using more of your paste draw a line under lower lashes from inner to outer corner. Again extend the line creating a double flick!

Water Baby

Apply Sparkle to centre of lid using a rounded shader brush.

Dot Seagrass on inner and outer corner of lid sweeping into socket line and blend.

Using the mini blender brush sweep Seagrass under bottom lashes from inner to outer corner extending out to meet the shadow above.

Dab Lime onto inner corner and blend up towards lid.

Using Shadowline make a paste on the back of your hand by scooping up a little of Drifter with the wand. Wipe onto back of hand and dip the wand back into the solvent several times and mix with the shadow. Draw a line just above lashes concentrating on inner and outer corners leaving the centre area free, this allows the aqua to shine through.

To finish draw a line under lower lashes and dot a touch of Cloud Dance to browbone to add a flattering highlight.