At some point most of us would have purchased an eye shadow palette with amazing colors that we want to wear, but don’t know how to wear. The key to rocking colored eye shadow  is to find what colors suit you best, and when applying those colors, remembering that less is more.  Here are some tips on different ways to wear colored eye shadow.

I don’t usually wear color but i would like to try:

  • Choose one color eye shadow that you would like to try
  • Prep the eye lid with an eyeshadow primer or base
  • Apply the colored shadow on your eyelid from your lash line to your crease area –  (for a more dramatic look you can take it above your crease and on your lower lash line – see picture below)
  • Using a big fluffy eye shadow brush or blending brush, blend away any harsh lines
  • Use a skin tone  shadow  underneath your brown bone as a highlight, blend downward and into your colored shadow. There should be no harsh lines
  • Apply mascara and eyeliner as desired to finish your look
  • This is a simple and easy way to slowly incorporate color into your makeup routine. Once you build your confidence you can add a second color and experiment with different ways to apply it.

Photographer: Nichol Brooklyn

I’ve mastered my one color look and would like to try something different:

  • Prep the eye lid with an eye shadow primer or base
  • Select 2 colors thats compliment each other
  • Apply the first color from your tear duct to the middle of your eye (first half of lid)
  • Apply the second color from the middle of the eye to the outer corner of the eye lid
  • Blend colors to just above crease line  (for a more dramatic look carry the same colors onto the lower lash line line  -see picture below)
  • Select a third color that you will use as a highlight. Try to choose something different from your usual highlight color.  Something with a pearl or metal finish works well
  • Apply your highlight color from your brow bone to your crease. Blend well so there are no harsh lines.
  • Apply mascara and eyeliner as desired to complete your look

Photographer:  Jacqueline Clare Morris     

Remember keeping it simple can be really effective 🙂