Hello to all my Curvy Beach Bunnies! I am here to give you some tips and tricks to make your summer beauty routine flawless and simple.  Since summer is a carefree time full of parties, celebrations and outdoor activity, it’s only natural to cater to the climate you are in and the fun you are having. With that in mind, I bring you my Summer Beauty Guide with tips to remember when you are out having fun in the sun!

  • One of the most important things that can be forgotten is our skin. We wear sunblock and sunscreen to protect it, but it is also important to hydrate it.  It is imperative to keep up with regular facials to replenish and hydrate the skin from the dryness that can come from getting to much sun.
  • A good tip for making your new pedicure stay beautiful and chip resistant while out at the beach, pool, etc. is to use a UV topcoat that protects and strengthens your polish making it long lasting. Avon’s UV gloss guard topcoat is affordable and protects your nails.

  • When at the beach or the pool, keep hair wet and apply conditioner in it to protect it from the sun as well as the chlorine.  A great one to use is ENJOY’s luxury conditioner formulated to moisturize and hydrate hair. Also, before you get in the car to go back home, you should make sure to rinse out your hair from all the chlorine, sand and other debris.

  • It is important to always apply sunscreen to your feet and hands as well when out in the sun.  This is something that tends to get forgotten and you can always get sunburned on any exposed skin.
  • Sand is the best exfoliant in the world!!! Plus, it’s free, so make sure that when you are at the beach to rub your feet in the sand. If you are in the ocean, rub some on your hands, arms, and legs for the best scrub in the world. You should always have a small bottle of lotion in your bag so you can moisturize.

So make sure to keep these tips in mind while on your summer activities. They are simple, important and easy to remember.  No matter what, there is always one tip that is constant especially through the summer: Drink lots of water!! This is the best beauty tip you will ever receive and it will make your skin beautiful and your body hydrated.  Make sure to stay safe this season and always remember, Life’s a Beach!

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