Hello to my beautiful Curvy dolls! There are so many collections that have launched in the last couple of months and this is a brand that I love and cannot wait to share with you. They are huge within the beauty community and have such a huge cult following because of how amazing their products are. I am talking of course about Illamasqua, a line created by renowned makeup artist and creative director for the brand, Alex Box. A true genius and artist in his own rite, he is extremely talented and an icon for all true makeup stalkers. With that in mind, I am going to share with you the collection launched for Spring/Summer 2011, The Toxic Nature Collection. Based on the elements of nature, this collection is revolutionary with its color range, formulation and pigmentation. The collection is born from a visionary concept of nature fighting back against the genetically modified society that plunders it. So without further delay, here are some of the incredible products.

Cream Pigment

These gorgeous cream eye shadows are highly pigmented and blend flawless on the lid. Made to be used for eyes, face and body, these can be applied with your fingers or a brush and are buildable. Use as a base under powder shadow for an intense effect. They come in an amazing array of colors ranging from Mint green to a Grape purple.



This is one of my fav products from the line. These powder blushes are highly pigmented and gorgeous in color. They blend beautifully on the skin and do not fade or oxidize. The shades are gorgeous for the season with shades:

Lover- apricot, matt finish

Tremble- Lilac pink, matt finish


Sheer lipgloss

The glosses pack a punch of gorgeous color that are timeless and so beautiful. They aren’t too sticky on the lips and are very emollient. They are intense in pigmentation and truly lovely. The formulation is long lasting on the lips and come in two fabulous shades that are perfect for the season:

Torture – Coral Peach

Divine – Fuschia Pink

Full Collection:

These are just some of the key items to the collection. They also have gorgeous eyeliners, nail varnishes and lipsticks. They also have some of the most artistic and gorgeous packaging I have ever seen. I hope you take a chance and check it out. You can find it in the US at Sephora stores and through www.sephora.com and worldwide at www.illamasqua.com. Looking forward to coming to you with another review soon. In the meantime, stay beautiful!