Hello my Curvy dolls! Today I introduce you with a name synonymous with glamour and glow, Mally Roncal. The makeup artist famous for developing and mastering the perfect, flawless and defined look. She is a true beauty lover that has strived to give the community the absolute best she can with an incredible makeup line that gives the everyday person that celebrity look. She has well-known for being the celebrity makeup artist to such stars as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Teri Hatcher to name a few.  This is what led her to eventually creating and developing Mally Beauty, a fabulous line dedicated to making women look and feel beautiful. That is because every product in her line is catered to giving clients the tools they need to achieve genuine beauty that is long lasting.  She has defined the dewy, bronzed look and now has opened her secrets up to the public in a way that can only be described as genius.  Here are some of Mally’s fantastic products:


Mally Poreless Face Defender

An ingenious product proven to absorb oil, minimize pores and give that airbrushed look. It is the super hero of your beauty bag.  A must have for makeup addicts; it locks makeup into place and allows for a smooth finish.  It is a lightweight formula that feels like velvet on the skin. No one should be without it.



The Ultimate Performance Full Coverage Foundation

A foundation so perfect, it has to be described as “ultimate”.  It was developed specifically for the HD world and is perfect in its coverage. The creamy formula contains skin conditioning ingredients to keep skin moist and dewey without the shine. The antioxidant formula calms the skin and keeps it smooth. It is buildable to give the best coverage available.


Shimmer, Shape and Glow defining face system

The biggest request Mally got from her clients, was asking, “Do that thing you do”. With this, she knew exactly what they wanted: fabulous cheekbones. This system is perfect at giving you exactly that. It holds all the tools you need to slim down your face and give you the defined look of gorgeous cheekbones. With four shades, there is something for ever skin tone.  It comes with the perfect brush for application as well.


Lip Illusion Long-wear 2 piece lip system

Kiss reapplying lipstick goodbye with these gorgeous sets. They are truly revolutionary in providing the perfect pout that lasts and lasts. It plumps and defines the lips without any tingly products required.  With two products, all you have to do is apply the lip color as a no budge foundation and then apply the lip lacquer to the center for that gorgeous full pout!



Evercolor Longwearing Shadow Stick

The all-time impeccable formulation of shadow that doesn’t crease, budge or smudge, that is what the shadow stick is. This product is the most incredible formulation I have seen in a shadow stick. It is highly pigmented, blends flawlessly and looks gorgeous on the lid. They are also infused with special ingredients to allow them to set and seal. They come in four beautiful sets of shades that completely compliment each and all skin tones. Can be blended with fingers or a brush.


These are but only a few of the wonderful products in Mally’s line. Her waterproof eyeliners and volumizing mascaras are legendary.  Her lip and face products are truly fabulous and give you the perfect look for day or night. I highly recommend you look into this line. You will thank me forever. You can find Mally Beauty at www.mallybeauty.com and www.qvc.com.  Stay beautiful!