I’m having a love affair with blushes at the moment. Adding a flush of color to your cheeks is the easiest way to give life and

add definition to your face. It’s all about making the correct color choice and ensuring you apply it in a way that compliments your structure.


Less is Best

Don’t pack it on. Blush is there to compliment your makeup look and give you a natural glow. Apply it with a light hand – It’s easier to build blush than remove it.

Choose Correct Formula

Cream blushes work well on dry skin. Remember to blend the product evenly.
Powder blushes work well on combination/oily skin.

I encourage you all to have a play with blushes of different textures to find out what suits you best.  If using a cheek tint remember to work quickly and blend the product well, some tints can dry quite fast leaving you with streaky cheeks.

Color Choice

Fair skin looks gorgeous with pink and mauve tones, Medium skin tones look great with shades of peach, coral  & cinnamon , and darker skin shades compliment fuchsia, plum & bright apricot. You can also increase lasting power and color intensity of a blush by using a cream blush first and then setting it with a powder blush. For those who aren’t confident in rocking colored cheeks you can still play up your features with a beautiful bronzer.

Where to Apply it – Basic Guide to Getting it Right

Square Face

By applying blush to the apples of your cheeks this will help soften your strong jaw line

Round Face

Apply blush on an angle following your cheekbone to contour your face

Long Face

To help create balance on a longer shaped face apply blush in soft horizontal motions across the cheeks

Oval Face

For great definition sweep blush upward towards temples, ensure darkest part of the blush is applied to the part of your cheekbone that is most prominent

Remember to keep the tones in your blush similar to the tones in your lip color. This is easy on the eyes so your make up will look natural and will keep you out of the color clash zone.