Hello to all my Curvy beauties!!! I am coming to you with a review on what I can see as one of the all time hottest salon and spas in Miami. I am talking of course about Camelot Salon & Spa. Located in the heart of downtown Coral Gables, this beautiful, full-service salon is your escape to all things beautiful. I am someone that can easily get frustrated when having to sit and spend a long time at a salon. I can honestly say that after my full day of beauty at Camelot, I was impressed by everything I experienced. When I go in, I see gorgeous wood hairdressing stations and was greeted instantly by their courteous and professional staff.

I was so excited to be given a questionnaire to fill out for the spa director who was going to perform a revitalizing facial on me as well as shape my brows. I was able to explain in detail my skin history, products I currently use, etc. I was offered something to drink and took a seat to prepare for my day. My tour of the salon was fabulous, when you first enter; you see the hustle of the hairdressing area and then walk through a hall to where the nail stations are. It is a truly exceptional layout that gives you the feel of being on a lovely vacation. As I met with Virginia, the spa director I was taken back to another world. Walking through a door that leads you to a realm of total relaxation. It is a true oasis that is separate from the high pace of the hair and nail area.

There are several rooms for different services and relaxation areas where you can sip on a glass of hot tea and take a breather. They offer everything from waxing, facials; detox body scrubs, massage and even teeth whitening services. They also have the most fascinating spa-jet capsule offering the most prestigious and hi-tech body treatments around. The equipment is some of the most advanced in the industry and allows for the best most precise treatments around. My facial was extremely soothing and exceptional especially because of the incredible amount of skill, knowledge and intricate detail that Virginia has. They work with the fabulous brand of Dermalogica skincare that was perfect for me to learn about.

With an caring and soothing touch, I cannot explain how fabulous my face looked and felt. She then shaped my eyebrows beautifully and I was amazed at how fast she was. After that it was on to meet my hair stylist, Shoni who offered me a glass of wine to enjoy. She was incredibly talented and perfect to take care of a chatterbox like me. I learned that she studied at the Paul Mitchell academy and had a great knowledge of color, cut and styling. Plus, we are both fans of the show “Jerseylicious”, so we had a lot to talk about. Although I was just doing my regular jet black, I was comforted by her skill and ability. I had a picture on my phone of the cut and style that I was looking for and she truly was an artist. I have worked with several stylists and am very particular about my hair. I could not have been happier with the results.

It was exactly what I was looking for. One thing I really loved about this salon is that they work with ENJOY haircare, a fabulous line coveted in the beauty community made popular by some of Hollywood’s top celebrities including Khloé Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. It is a line that I highly recommend and was truly excited about. Throughout my downtime, I got to meet Rachel Larrea, the owner of Camelot. I was truly impressed with how young she was and just loved talking to her.

She was very attentive and the sociable with all the clients there. I can see that she has generated a fabulous and upscale environment with the staff train to pamper their clients. My final step was my manicure with Teresa, who is by far one of the best and most efficient I have ever seen. She was very friendly and sociable with wonderful talent. She did my mani/pedi in no time and I was so happy. I am one of those strange people that do not like to spend a long time waiting for my nails to dry. Whenever you might think about going to a few different places for certain, look no further then Camelot. They do everything you can imagine under one roof.  So all in all, I cannot say more about the high end, upscale environment that is Camelot Salon and Spa. Their techniques are truly trendy and modern to say the least. When I first arrived, there was a young girl waiting to have feather extensions put in. They are on the cutting edge of beauty with a friendly, professional and most of all caring staff. I loved how their main purpose was to pamper their clients to the fullest. So when you are looking for a fabulous place to escape and get luxury pampering, Camelot Salon & Spa is the place to be. For more information, go to: www.camelotspa.com. You can also check out this video below that was made for them by living Social. Stay beautiful my Curvy dolls!!!