Hello my stylish Curvy girls! Ever wondered where Tracy, Olivia, Christy, Doria & even the glam fairies get their fabulous headbands and stylish hair accessories?



The stylish divas from “Jerseylicious” are always showing off some beautiful hair as well as bright, beautiful headbands. If that is what you love to see, well have I got something fabulous for you. Dana Bands is a line of fashionable accessories that caters to everyone.


With a gorgeous line of hair accessories, hats, rings and flip flops, this is a brand you definitely want to look into. They are handmade with love and of the highest quality of materials. They can be found and are sold at The Gatsby and Anthony Roberts’ salons in New Jersey. Not from New Jersey?


No worries, you can also find them online at: www.danabands.com.

As per Dana herself: “I have always been a huge fan of accessories, especially headbands, with their ability to make any basic or repeat outfit look and feel fresh. They have been a staple of mine since childhood and changed with every outfit! Also, having long, thick wavy hair meant utilizing anything I could. It wasn’t long before people took notice of my handmade creations and insisted on purchasing some. Now, I develop new collections each season just for you!”

The brand was created in May 2009 when Dana Gelenter was preparing graduating college in fashion merchandising during a hard economic time. She decided one day to go to the local craft store and pick up flowers, pearls, rhinestones and pins. Flashy pins and accessories were just the beginning. The best part was that it was the beginning of something really great. This is a line that is growing more and more in the fashion and beauty community, with its hot styles and modern look. I think that after you try one of Dana’s bands, you will never be the same. Check out her website for more info and stay Curvy my fashionistas!