Are you ready to get a little Dirty?? To all my Curvy beauties, I want to introduce to a fun and flirty cosmetic brand that you have to try. I am talking of course about Dirty Cosmetics, a sexy and fashionable makeup line geared for the vixen in us all. So open your eyes to……

Is it physical? Is it mental? Is it emotional? Can you see Dirty or can you just feel it?

To Rachel Foti,


Dirty is all of the above. As the Founder and CEO of Dirty Cosmetics, Inc, Rachel has created a line of cosmetics for women who aren’t afraid to get Dirty, because Dirty can get pretty.

Whether it’s a night out or a night in, you can choose from a wide and striking assortment of colors strong or soft enough for any occasion. From the hot and sharp Collar Lipstick, to the beauty enhancing Dirty Mineral Blush, this new and exciting line of make-up bridges the gap between pop star and housewife. The Cougar Foundation will help you rejuvenate for the hunt, and in the morning, before you go home, you can touch up with the Bi-Level Quickie Blush.

Some say you can tell if a girl feels Dirty by the look in her eyes. The Dominant Volume Mascara is scientifically enhanced with fibers to bring ultimate volume to your lashes without clumping. You can keep your Dirty look all day long with the Staying Power waterproof eyeliner, enriched with antioxidants and long lasting, with an attached no mess sponge.

Your eyes, brows and lips are treated to a smooth and creamy glide with an assortment of Missionary Pencils. You are completely adorned with Body Dust.

This is a brand that is truly unique. Their products are carefully formulated to look really great on the skin. Here are couple of products that I thought were great:

Bondage Gel Liner- Long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof formula makes it easy for wearing this ultra-smooth liner ever created for the eyes. It will last as long as you do.

Lick Stick Gloss– Brush on our Lumi-Shine lip gloss for sparkling lips that shine all day long! Wear it alone for a glowing smile with a hint of color and sparkle. No sticky mess, the brush on application is easy, and allows thicker application with no smearing.

I think that you will find this line is fabulous and fun. I recommend you try it out. You can find this brand at and also at Hot Topic stores and

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