Hair Magic: Rejuve 3

Relaxers, Perms, Colors, ceramic irons, marcel irons, hair dryers, extensions, weaves, wigs, holding spray, gel, jam and being pulled and pinned. Wow, hair goes through a lot of stress that can cause damage to the follicles and the hair strand. Sometimes as consumers we can damage our hair and scalp even more by using items that we consider to be treatments to help rebuild our damaged hair. Personally I have gone through mind boggling treatments to make my hair manageable and stylish. The use of various conditioners, shampoos, hot oil treatments, vitamins, scalp treatments the list can continue for days.

While in Detroit, Michigan I was introduced to a product by a gentleman, he was not a stylist more of a visionary. He explained to me the who, what, when, why and how hair and the scalp gets damaged and the steps that one should take to prevent damage and also to ensure healthy hair growth. Personally I was thinking “Here we go with someone trying to pitch another expensive hair miracle!” I was given the hair treatment system to try for 30 days and see what my results were, I was pretty much guaranteed that I would love the product and continue to use it. I can honestly say that after the first use I was a believer my hair felt clean, soft and very silky.

The product is called Rejuve 3 by Derjers International; it is a 3 part system that works by stripping all of the unwanted bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other hair hazards from your hair. Step 1 of the product is a “Renewing Scalp Cleaner” that exfoliates dead scalp skin cells, prevents hair loss and stimulates weak hair shafts. When using this step I was able to see all of the dirt and other chemicals wash completely stripped out of my hair as the water was the color of these items that were in my hair. My scalp felt very light and clean as if it were stripped of everything that would be clogging my hair follicles and weighing my hair down. Step 2 is the “Repairing Shampoo “which removes pore-cogging impurities, revitalizes stressed hair, and alleviates dandruff and itch. During the process of using this shampoo I was able to rid myself permanently of the occasional dandruff that I suffered from due to clogged pores and follicles. Step 3 is the “Revitalizing Conditioner” this works by nourishing and strengthening the hair, increasing hair health while adding overall luster and weightless bounce. This step added the vitamins and nutrients back to my scalp and hair follicle and left my hair feeling silky, light and smelling great with a huge amount of body and bounce. After using this product I had to do some homework on it to discover what exactly made this product natural, soapless and working great! I was privileged to actually look at the anatomy of all three steps of the product and I can say that you could not find anything on the market that works the way that it does and is so natural, safe to use and effective at the same time. I have been using the product over 2 years and I swear by it, for those who just want great healthy hair and those who may be suffering from unhealthy hair follicles, and hair shaft, alopecia, dandruff, scalp itch, thinning hair and premature hair loss. I recommend this product to you, I have recommended this product to others and I have gotten rave reviews from everyone that I have recommended Rejuve 3. Derjers International has other products available as I try them I will be sure to report the outcome from there usage.

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