Hello my Curvy beauties! I think that one of the most annoying and painful parts in our quest for beauty is hair removal.  We shave, wax, tweeze and pretty much do everything we can on our quest for ultimate smooth and hairless skin.  This is of course is true for me as for all of you. I will be honest that I really have not been considered to have too much hair per se and when it was offered by the amazing staff at Miami Plastic Surgery that I didn’t think I would need it.  I had the misconception that laser hair removal was for those who has real hair issues anywhere on their bodies that could not be hidden. So what is Laser hair removal? As per the www.hairremovaljournal.org: “Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to produce long-term hair reduction. This is accomplished by producing heat in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle, which in-turn produces inflammation, and this inflammation sends a signal to the hair follicle to go into the resting (telogen) phase.” It wasn’t until I went in for my hydrafacial and first visit that I learned something about my skin. I had been having issues with breakouts on my chin and it was very distressing to me because it would cause a lot of redness, bumps, pimples, etc.  It was then that the aesthetician explained to me that I was having issues with hairs that would grow out under my chin, etc.  I knew about them because I would tweeze them as soon as I would notice. It was a very sensitive subject for me even though I knew it was normal and hormonal because they would become more apparent one those monthly “special” days.

This is what I love the most about working with MPS on my journey; I was explained that folliculitis (an inflammation of one or more of the hair follicles) was affecting the pores in my skin and causing irritation and breakouts. The pores under your chin and neck area are so small and can get clogged very easily. This for me was a revelation, because if you know me, I can be really sensitive about my face as anyone would be. I don’t really like to wear heavy makeup all the time, so having to wear full foundation always can be a drag in the summer in MIAMI!!! So from all of this, I was told I was a candidate for laser hair removal and was really fascinated. This would not only work to remove the hair, but also would clear my skin and problem areas. MPS has one of the most advanced and painless systems around. Here is some detail that I received from Veronica Moros who is one of the managers at MPS, handles their PR and is truly an amazing person with a knowledge for beauty:


GentleMAX Laser Hair Removal


I know it’s a little trickier since laser hair removal is a multi-session process, but the only reason I suggest it, is because the GentleMAX is the newest, baddest machine out there. It is also painless! We always get patients come who had laser elsewhere and the hair came back, and they’re amazed by the results…



The key word for me in that description was painless!! I had heard that it could be painful and with my sensitive skin, I have to be careful. I decided to give my ultimate trust in their expertise and also take advantage to give you, our readers what to expect in this procedure. So on my first session, I went in, signed my release and sat in the chair to answer some questions. I was asked to describe the actual type of hair I had (Coarse, medium coarse, fine, etc). Then I was asked about my background, genetics, etc. This is all written in your file as well as worked into the system for the right amount of power for the laser itself. Because I am a “tenderfoot” as Kelly the aesthetician calls me (LOL), she wanted to start on a lower degree of laser therapy. She gave me a set of fabulous eyeglasses that she and I both sported. Before the procedure, she prepped and cleansed my skin with a soothing cleanser. Then she did a little test on my arm to let me know what the sensation would be. It’s like a small electric sensation with a shooting cooling jet that allows so you don’t really feel anything. It’s just a different feeling, but not anything compared to tweezing and ripping hair out of the skin.  She did it in small sections, passing the laser gun over my upper lip, my chin and down my neck somewhat. It all took a total of maybe 15 minutes. She also discussed what my aftercare and expectations should be: After you have the procedure you cannot go out in the sun for too long which includes tanning etc. If you are going to be in the sun, you have to always carry a high SPF with you to apply after an hour, but really no sun exposure. Another thing is you will see the hair coming out and falling between sessions, but cannot wax or tweeze, only shave.


She applied a cooling gel from the Avene skincare line afterwards and told me that I could expect the area to be red and tender for 2-3 days. This is the line also recommended after my facial which has been perfect for my redness and sensitive issues. I will be doing a full review on the line separately. She also sent me home with a bottle of the cooling gel in case of any itching or stinging.


I can honestly say that I felt nothing, and had no redness at all. I had no issues afterwards and am so excited about my skin. She has been right on all counts and it was perfect. The hair has become to grow out and I let it go for the days I am at home then shave in between. It’s not too bad and I noticed that after the procedure, I really don’t have as much. The best part is that my skin is starting to look amazingly clearer and feels incredible. I still have my hyper pigmentation and that is something that we will be working on after my next hydrafacial. Everything is a process, so one thing at a time. I feel I am on my way to really getting the skin I crave for. I have my appointment set for my second session in four weeks. I am super excited because I will also be introduced to the second aesthetician at MPS. Because my hair is dark, I found out that I might only need a few sessions, less than most. The laser basically grabs onto to the pigment and works from that. I am really starting to notice a difference. MPS is the ultimate in safety and care for their patients and I can honestly say from my experience that it has been wonderful! If you are interested in laser hair removal, I suggest you check them out. Tell them I sent you or that you read this piece, I know you will love their staff and care. Until next time dolls, I will be back after my second session to give you my experience. Stay beautiful!!!