When you first meet she can only be described as intelligent, stylish, and beautiful.  It is after some conversation that you will learn how business savvy and talented she really is. She is a fascinating personality with a passion that is leading her to greatness in the beauty industry. Her Bio states it quite clear: “Rochelle’s love for hair styling comes from her own personal experiences. She takes great pride to ensure that her hair accessories and protective hair styling techniques accommodates all women who are constantly on the move but still desire to keep up with current hair trends.  Rochelle Yanique, Inc. offers quality hair accessories at a cost-effective price. As a woman, she  understands the importance of looking good and proposes that the burden of our economy does not  have to affect our outward appearance.”

I found out that as a University of Miami student, she came into her own gaining a reputation as the one stylist on campus to contact for flawless hair. I am here to share my interview with the one and only Rochelle Yanique:

CS:  What led you to this business, now that you are becoming a hair guru?

RY: As a first-year graduate student, money was undoubtedly tight.  In an effort to keep up with the trends, I started researching “do-it-yourself” hair styling techniques. Drawing from what I had learned online and in beauty salons, I became fixated on creating protective styling techniques. From using net weaving methods for sew-in extensions to creating custom hand-sewn wigs, my talent for hair styling quickly became popular on my college campus.

CS:  What are your top three tips for those trying to achieve healthy hair?


(1) Lessen the amount of heat used on your hair.

(2) Moisturize! I use Moroccan Oil to keep my hair moisturized. The oil is light and doesn’t weigh down my hair with build-up.

(3) Deep Condition your hair after harmful or damaging styling. After taking out hair extensions,   is an important step in rebuilding your hair

CS:  What are the hair products that you use for your custom wigs, extensions?

RY:  My custom wigs are made from a variety of virgin remy extensions. I have partnered with major hair companies to provide custom wigs with their extensions. The wigs are hand sewn onto a Korean lace cap.

CS:  Who/what are your sources of inspiration?

RY:  My Mother and Grandmother. These women have taught me the importance of hard work. My work ethic has been derived from their leadership.

CS:  Where do you see Rochelle Yanique in five years? Your plans?

RY:  I’d like to see Rochelle Yanique in local beauty supply stores and all over college campuses. My products are made for those everyday girls who want hair styling alternative for a fraction of the cost.

CS:  If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the 3 beauty products you could not live without?


Moroccan Oil!

Charmeuse Satin Pillow Case (locks in your hair’s moisture while you sleep)

Remmington Ceramic Curl Wand

CS:  What are your recommendations when caring for your wigs, pieces, etc.

RY:  For the upkeep of my wigs, I always recommend light weight products. Heavy oils can cause build up on virgin extensions and won’t allow the hair to have its natural flow. I love Kinky Curly ‘s Not Today Leave-In Conditioner on my extensions.

CS:  Can you tell us what are your go to beauty products? (high-end & budget)

RY:  My make-up bag is filled with goodies.


For Eyebrows:

Mac Embark Powder

Mac Spiked Eye Pencil

Mac NW45 Concealer

Mac Concealer Brush



Iman Cream to Powder Foundation

CoverGirl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Bronzer


Rimmel 050 Paradise Lipstick

Neutrogena Cooling Hydragel Lip Gloss with SPF 20 : Shine

CS:  Did you also work on hair as a University of Miami student? Was everyone always asking you for advice?

RY:  Yes, Rochelle Yanique started on my college campus. Girls would see my hair and immediately ask about my stylist. When I would reveal to them that I did my extensions, and that I made my own pieces, word spread fast! I had at least 10 Clients a week. Even though I’ve graduated, I still get questions about hair care and about my pieces.

CS:  Please share something you think could benefit our readers looking for the right type of hair, wig, etc.

RY: When looking for the best hair, it’s important to know what will blend with your hair with the least amount of heat. Often, ladies with coarser hair textures opt for silky extension textures. The problem here is that in order to blend with such textures, an alarming amount of heat is needed. This is damaging to your hair’s growth.

I’ve found Brazilian and Chinese Remy extensions to blend best with coarser hair textures. However, if you still prefer the silkier extensions, try using a closure. This way none of your natural hair is left out and it will  be protected from heat.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did my beauties. For more information, please go to: www.iamrochelle.com