Hello my Curvy Beauties!!! I hope you are as excited as I am to learn more about Airbrush makeup. In my quest to find the flawless finish, I am learning so much and am very excited to be entering the land of the airbrush finish. It is unlike anything I have seen before. This is my piece for a fabulous and very cost efficient system. I am talking of course about the Dinair Airbrush system! I first got to know them from the Youtube beauty community. The top beauty Gurus, had amazing videos on their system and application. When I first used it on my own, I was truly mesmerized. The coverage was incredible without feely heavy or cakey. It worked beautiful on my combination/sensitive skin. It is extremely easy to use and the water-based foundation is absolutely flawless and feels wonderful on the skin. Another amazing part is how it lasted all day, for about 12 hours and looked great! The system caters to everyone from the everyday woman to the highly skilled makeup artist. I was fortunate enough to interview the founder of Dinair, Dina Ousley. She gave me some amazing insight to the system itself. Her team of staff and makeup artists are incredible in their knowledge and are always willing to help with teaching and guidance. I was so happy to work with them for this series.

About Dina Ousley:
Founder and president, former actress and Emmy Award Winning makeup artists founded Dinair. Her salon experience includes working as Paul Mitchell’s salon assistant in NYC, and later as Warren Beatty’s salon assistant in the movie “Shampoo.” In 1989, Dina won first place in an international makeup competition using her airbrush makeup and Dinair began it’s journey into salons and spas around the world

Here’s my one on one with Dina herself:

CS – What was the first makeup technique that stood out for you when you first became a makeup artist?

DO – I knew that traditional makeup and traditional technique needed to be updated, and that something had to be created to make application faster and provide better results.

CS – What is it that led you to start the Airbrush movement?

DO – I actually started out as a hairdresser, but knew that it was important to also learn how to do makeup, even though most hairdressers don’t usually like to do makeup because you have to be so meticulous. I was not a huge fan of traditional makeup, and I knew that it was falling behind, and that the industry was not keeping up with technology. I went to a community college to learn the theory of makeup, and basic theatrical techniques and realized here that this type of makeup could not be done with traditional makeup, I knew something had to be created. The whole concept of using low air pressure to apply makeup and the actual makeup itself was what was needed to make this whole thing work. So I began to work on this new concept, Airbrush Makeup. And this was the beginning of Dinair Airbrush Makeup.

CS – How long does it take to do a full face of makeup once you start using an airbrush?

DO – Once you begin practicing with your foundation, two or three times will make it perfect! Always remember, less is more with airbrush makeup, distance is your friend, and follow the tips on your instructional DVD and your cartoon diagram, which is provided in your kit! After perfecting your foundation, you will be able to do blush, lips, eye shadow and liner in about five minutes! Practice makes perfect!

CS – What would be the time frame that you’d give one of your new clients in learning how to use the Dinair system? For at home application?

DO – Two to three tries and you will get it. We include practice color, practice exercises, and an instructional DVD in your kit so you are able to spray a few times to get the hang of it without wasting your foundation. We also have trained makeup artists and an outstanding customer service team available seven days a week to answer any questions and to help with anything that you need. We even offer Skype lessons! Within a week, you will be able to airbrush all of your makeup! Practice, Practice, Practice and have patience!

CS – What is your top (3-5) tips for a flawless face?

DO – When you airbrush, your makeup is sprayed out in pixels( like dots of makeup), which is the ultimate technique for camouflaging any flaws. Less is more when spraying foundation. Make sure all oils and sticky moisturizers are cleaned off the face before application, and distance is your friend! The closer you get with the airbrush when applying makeup, the more opaque your coverage will be.

CS – How beneficial is airbrush makeup for the HD and beauty community?

DO – Dinair Airbrush Makeup is perfect for the HD community, the beauty community, as well as everyday consumers! Our makeup is applied in pixels, which reads very well on camera and film, it does not clog pores, it is water resistant and does not rub off, while still allowing the skin to breath. The makeup works under all lighting, and allows the natural tone of the skin to show through, giving a natural and flawless finish. Because your skin is able to breathe, it is not trapping toxins in the skin making our makeup clean and with anti- aging capabilities.

CS – In this day and age of emphasis on skincare, SPF, etc. How does Dinair makeup work with different skin types?

DO – Dinair is the perfect makeup for all skin types because you are able to customize your application. With Dinair Airbrush Makeup, you can apply moisturizer before applying makeup, over the makeup, or not at all! If you have dry skin you can mix the Moist and Dewy Moisturizer, which comes in your kit with your actual foundation to give you a little extra moisture. You can apply it to areas that are a little more dry than others, or if you have oily or acne prone skin, you won’t need a moisturizer at all. Our makeup actually helps dry out acne, and helps to improve the look and feel of your skin, Concealing while Healing! You can camouflage hyper- pigmentation, birthmarks, scars, even stretch marks and tattoos with our formulas.

CS – Is this a makeup system that is better with a specific age group, skin type, etc?

DO – Not at all, Dinair is perfect for all skin types and age groups!

CS – What are the three beauty products that you can not live without and carry with you?

DO – Dinair, Dinair, and Dinair! Our Perfect Skin, which diminishes the appearance of fine lines , wrinkles, and large pores while moisturizing is a must have. Another must have is our No Sweat, which is like an anti antiperspirant for the face. It will actually help prevent sweating and it is perfect for photo shoots, hot weather, and for active people! Last but not least our Glamour foundation collection, and our paramedical foundation collection(which is water proof and ideal for ultimate camouflaging). All of these items are must haves for professional makeup artists and consumers!

CS – What is some advice you can give our Curvy readers who might be wondering if airbrush is for them?

DO – Try it and don’t give up quickly! Applying Dinair Airbrush Makeup does not require any special skill, everyone can do it! And remember, you only have to learn to do your own makeup, and your own face. Our makeup is very affordable (starts at $12 for a ¼ oz) which is good for approximately 20 to 25 foundation applications. We have a color match service on our website where you can upload a picture of yourself and one of our makeup artists will help you choose your foundation, blush, lip, and eye colors! You will see improvements in your skin when using our makeup, because it hides your flaws and allows your natural skin tone to show through without clogging pores, or causing irritation. Our makeup is hypo allergenic, non comedogenic, silicone free, paraben free, and not tested on animals, just consenting celebrities!



I truly hope you look into this system because I know that you will love it. It really has everything you are looking for to make your face look amazing. It is also good for your skin, which is what is most important to me. I highly recommend it and can agree that it works for everyone, no matter what skin type, tone, color, etc. They have the best customer service and are very helpful in teaching you the proper method apply. You can also check them out on different social media outlets: facebook: www.facebook.com/dinairairbrushmakeup
twitter: www.twitter.com/dinair and on their Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/dinairairbrushmakeup. For more information, go to: www.dinair.com. Please feel free to comment below and if you have any questions, for me directly, please email me at: Claudine@curvyrevolution.com. Stay beautiful and flawless!!! Xoxo

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