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Kate Winslet to launch Makeup Collection

It’s been a busy time for the gorgeous Kate Winslet. She recently took a stand against cosmetic surgery in hopes to get women to feel naturally beautiful, now she is using her strong relationship with French beauty brand Lancôme to launch her very own limited edition makeup collection.

The range will share the same name as her charity ‘The Golden Hat’ in hopes to raise awareness and money for children with Autism. The collection will consist of a blush in a light pink and gold shade, the iconic L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick & Le Vernis nail color both in gorgeous shades of red and pink. Products will feature the charity’s logo & the curvy beauty’s signature. Due to become available in the holiday season, Lancôme have agreed to donate a minimum of $215,000 from sales to The Golden Hat Charity Foundation so keep an eye out for the products and shop for a good cause.

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