Hello all my Curvy little Pixies! I hope you are enjoying all the amazing things that are launching within fall beauty collections. I honestly love the palettes of shades that come out including eyeshadows, nail polishes and lip colors. There are so many brands and collections in the beauty industry. There is one however that is fabulous in their formulation of products and their beautiful assortments of palettes. They also have a gorgeous shade range to suit everyone’s beauty needs. I am of course talking about the fabulous line Pixi that is exclusive to Target and phenomenal. So let me give you a little insight into Pixi land:

Here are some of the gorgeous items from the Fall 2011 collection:

Flawless Beauty Fluid ($30)

Skin appears fresh and gorgeous with this barely-there miracle base that delivers a youthful satin finish. The weightless, long-lasting formula smoothes lines, evens skin tone and covers blemishes. This moisturizing foundation contains vitamins E and B5 to soften and hydrate dry areas and oil-absorbers to balance and minimize the appearance of pores.
Available in Cream, Nude and Warm.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“Perfect skin in a bottle! I wanted to create a base so flawless yet so imperceptible that people would start complimenting your “skin”, not your foundation. This is the barely detectible, perfecting base that women strive to find.”

Wakeup Concealer ($18)

A new skin camouflaging secret, this “magic wand” delivers airbrushed perfection in seconds, erasing skin flaws. Apply this waterproof and line-relaxing concealer with brush-on pen for easy blending. A sheer gel-like formula gives a velvety smooth finish.
Available in Cream, Nude and Warm.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“Cashmere smooth, waterproof and line relaxing – all my dream attributes from a concealer!
Blends away any skin-sins – from shadows to redness to blemishes – making skin appear flawless. It’s like having your own personal re-toucher!”

Line Relax Serum ($32)

This nourishing pre-prime gel smoothes fine lines, relaxes the face and offers the ultimate in hydration. Packed with floral extracts and peptides, the cooling serum acts as a wakeup call for tired morning skin and substantially de-puffs and revives. It is an excellent pre-makeup primer or wakeup face mask to energize skin.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“I use this unique serum every morning under my makeup – it keeps my skin hydrated, smoothes
lines miraculously, and instantly perks up my tired complexion. I love to keep it in the fridge for an ice-cool skin treat first thing in the morning on hot days. This really helps to de-puff and shrink pores.”

Blush Beauty ($16)

A good blush enlivens and sculpts the face – a great blush can take years off anyone’s appearance by instantly perking up dull skin. Pixi’s new blush shades are fresh with no murky undertones to brighten skin and offer the ultimate natural glow. The formula is silky smooth with Jojoba Oil, Rose and Honeysuckle extracts, and gives last-all-day color that doesn’t require touchups. Available in Healthiest Honey, Purest Peach, and Perkiest Pink.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“I use this blush on the “apple” of my cheek, and buff out along the cheekbone to really add a fresh burst of color. I also like to sweep a little across my eyelids to create a simple and uniform look in an instant.”

Fake Awake Kit ($28)

A power nap in a palette, this compact drawer of complexion-awakeners offers the inside secrets to creating an energized, radiant and well-rested look. Whether the goal is to create the perfect bare canvas for a makeup look or to pick and choose the tools required for customized cover-up, this kit delivers a flattering glow in a few fuss-free steps. The kit contains Pixi Eye Bright Kit No.2, which includes four concealer shades, glowing lip gloss, cheek and lip stain, peachy face brightening powder and nude eye area setting powder for a quick pick me up.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“This is my “10 hours of sleep” kit – it has all of my tricks of the trade to create a flawless base and awaken the face without looking like you are wearing a lot of makeup. It is my beauty 911, a quick fix for an even and bright complexion.”

All-Over Magic ($24)

This lightweight and silky powder can be used to effortlessly brighten cheeks, eyes and body with a hint of natural color and light, giving skin a beautiful glow. These multipurpose powders can be applied by swirling a fluffy brush across all shades and lightly dusting over cheeks or buffing over arms, décolleté and legs for a soft, subtle shimmer. The shades can also be used individually for a hint of glimmer on eyes.
Available in Bare Radiance, Rose Radiance, and Brightening Radiance.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“I love the subtle lustre that is achieved from this multipurpose, silky highlighting powder – with three color options you can easily brighten, add warmth or revitalize.”

NEW Shade: Succulent Lip Twin, Opal Orchid ($18)

This brightening petal pink shade for lips and cheeks awakens and refreshes any look in an instant. Packed with beneficial skin care ingredients, this tinted lip balm duo is the ideal remedy for dry, sensitive lips. Packaged in Pixi’s unique combination cap and tube packaging, this multi-tasker delivers two products in one. The tube contains super nourishing lip balm with a hint of color. The cap contains a silky lip and cheek tint that is equally nourishing, but with a touch more pigment for when lips need a color boost.

Petra’s Insider’s tip:
“We are building on the successful launch of this category with a new must-have color. With a tinted balm in the tube and a lip and cheek tint in the cap, this is a must-have if you have dry lips (like I do) and need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.”

I hope you are as excited as I am about this line. It is truly becoming one of my all time favorites. It is made perfect for us gals on the go and caters to all of our needs! The best is that you can get it at Target, everyone’s favorite store. With upscale products, this is a line that is perfect for everyone. It works beautifully with every skin type. So I hope that you get your groove on and take a trip to Pixi land yourself. Your face will love you for it. Please feel free to leave me a comment below or email me at: Claudine@curvyrevolution.com. Stay beautiful!!!! Xoxo