So my Curvy Mallynistas, are you ready for an amazing New Year? Over at Mally beauty, there is constant craziness with all the fabulous new products that are diligently being created to make us all feel like stars. Mally herself is crazy, loud, fun, boisterous and beautiful with a language all her own Her fabulous team of staff is becoming as well known as her line for their love of people and beauty. She is a hard working mother and wife who’s devoted to bring love, confidence and beauty to new heights. For all my Mally newbies, here is a little insight into Mally Beauty: (as per her site):


Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal learned at an early age the importance of accepting – and loving – who you are. Growing up in upstate New York, her parents instilled in her the philosophy that “the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.” This statement has become the mantra by which Mally lives and the power behind it has led to her incredible success.


Mally & Tori Spelling                                          Mally & Beyonce


Mally has a natural ability to make her clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful. This has made her a favorite among a versatile group of music industry heavyweights and actors including; Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Teri Hatcher, Celine Dion, Lee Ann Womack, and Ashlee Simpson.


Mally & Beyonce                                                   Mally & Alicia Keys

As per my own review of her beauty line, she is true genius. Her products are impeccable in terms of providing flawless coverage as well as being long lasting. They are bulletproof in their formulation and I can say from experience that once you try them, you’ll want them all. Mally has a true understanding of what makes us beautiful and it is apparent in her collection. I want to introduce you to some of her most recent launches that came out this December that are must for your own red carpet events or everyday lives. With Mally beauty, we are all celebrities!


Even More Perfect Palette w/lip Gloss and lip magnifier:

(Item A218014)

What is it: The latest edition of Mally’s favorite colors–all delivered in a beautiful palette. The collection also includes a gorgeous lip gloss, three brushes, and a super-fierce travel pouch.

Who is it for: All women who want a polished, perfect look that can be done at home or on the go with this convenient, portable palette.

Why is it different: This kit includes new, fresh shades that were specially selected to create a highly portable, total-look-in-a-single-pouch makeup solution.

How do I use it: Start by applying the beautiful blush to the apples of the cheeks in a swirling motion, finishing with a sweep back toward the temple. Follow with the eye shadow base. Then, sweep any of the eye shadows from the lash to the crease and line the lashes with the darker shades. Sweep the luminizer around the outside of the eye and on the brow bone. Then, finish with a sweep of the Lip Magnifier and mini High-Shine Liquid Lip Gloss for the lips.

Mally Effortless Airbrush Blush & Highlighter Duo W/Brush:

(Item: A218902)

What is it: Everyone wants the look of airbrushed skin, but who wants to carry around that clunky machine? This formula glides on beautifully to give a flawless, luminous look of an airbrush application but with the precision and control of a brush. Its ingredients will give you a soft, radiant glow that will brighten your entire face.

Why is it different: The Effortless Airbrush Highlighter and Blush formula isn’t a powder; it’s not a cream; it’s the most beautiful marriage of hydrating and comforting ingredients that give you a soft, radiant glow and that perfect look of airbrushing.

How do I use it: First, take the lighter end of the brush and swirl in the Effortless Airbrush Highlighter. You will not believe the way your skin will come to life, looking vivacious and youthful. Place all over the lid and down to cheekbone in a “C” motion for that lifted cheek appearance. Place down the center of the nose to elongate and perfect. This amazing technological innovation is just what you need to get that beautiful, lit-from-within luminosity.

Next, take the brush, swirl the darker end into the Effortless Airbrush Blush, and apply to the apples of the cheeks for that beautiful, healthy-looking glow. This blush is pure pigment so you will get true color that lasts!


Mally The Perfect Red Lip for everyone 3 piece lip system:

(Item: A220084)

What is it: Wearing red lipstick can be really overwhelming and scary for many women. But when it’s done right, it’s super fierce! Start with the conditioning lip primer to create the perfect canvas for lipstick. Fill in the entire mouth with the Evercolor Shaping Lip Liner. Treat your lips to luxurious color with the ultimate red lipstick for your skin tone.

Who is it for: All women who want to have the most beautiful and perfect red lip look.

Why is it different: The primer helps prevent the lipstick from traveling, feathering, staining your lips, and fading. Infused with vitamin E, the lipstick is comforting and super hydrating while still being long wearing. The lip liner is creamy and easy to apply, and it lays down a beautiful, puffy line that really helps make your lips look fuller.

How do I use it: First, take that amazing primer and apply it all over those beautiful lips of yours. This is going to help fill in any fine lines and wrinkles, so feel free to take it outside of the lip line, too. This little primer is going to help the color go on super smoothly.

Now, on to that incredible lipstick. Not only does it look incredible, it also feels incredible. Just apply all over the lips, but don’t rub them together, or you’ll end up with a big red mess! Instead, smack them together and say “ma, ma, ma.” Gorgeous!

Next, take that amazing lip liner and trace all around the lip line. Another tip for bigger-looking lips–when lining the top lip, don’t define the Cupid’s bow. Just take that liner and draw a straight line, so it connects the two points of the Cupid’s bow. It may seem weird to apply your lip liner last, but it’s going to help define those lips of yours and really make that red lip look super polished!


Mally Volumizing Lip Gloss 3-Piece Library:

(Item A218016)

What is it: This lip gloss formula is unlike any you’ve ever seen or felt. It’s going to give you a beautiful, full-looking pout! It also has ingredients that make the product last longer so it doesn’t transfer as quickly, meaning you can still have that gorgeous color later in the day. Packaged in a pink, snakeskin-style gift box.

Who is it for: Any woman who wants a beautiful, full-looking pout.

Why is it different: This gloss has great pigment and shine without being sticky. The shades were selected to complement each other as well as work perfectly together.

How do I use it: Simply turn the bottom of the click-up pen until color appears through the brush and fill in those gorgeous lips!


Mally Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner 3-Piece Library:

(Item A218013)

What is it: A three-piece collection designed to help you create a soft or super-smoldering eye look. These shadow liners are so versatile, they can be used all over the lid for a true shadow effect or as an eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines. Make your eyes pop and amplify their color in one easy step. With weightless coverage so smooth and beautiful, these sticks will make a huge difference in your eye looks.

Who is it for: Any woman who wants a fresh, beautiful eye look.

Why is it different: This versatile eye shadow can be used as an overall lid shadow or as an eyeliner.

How do I use it: Take the pencil and use all over the lid. You can use your finger or the smudger to set the shadow perfectly. You can also take the pencil and use as a liner on the top and bottom lash lines. Use the smudger to create that smoldering look.


So these are but a few of the amazing products that Mally Beauty has to offer. What is so wonderful about them is that they are formulated for all skin tones and look beautiful all day without moving or fading on the skin. Her range of foundations and concealers are phenomenal to say the least and you can also get all kinds of amazing specials on the Mally Beauty website: as well as instructional videos by Mally herself. She is here is the sole purpose of bring beauty and love of oneself to whole new level. I invite to check out her incredible line and enter the world of being a true Mallynista! You definitely want to keep an eye for her and her magnificient team on Mally’s Ustream channel for fun, dancing laughing and live tutorials.  For more information, go to: or Please leave me any questions or comments below or shoot me an email at: Lots of love my Curvy beauties and get ready for an amazing new year!!! Xoxo