Hello my Curvy Beauties!  I hope you are all taking extra good care of your skin during this holiday season. It can get really difficult with the change in climate, environmental issues, etc. I really am excited to bring you the third and final installment of my quest for amazing skin series.  This is actually my follow up laser hair removal and hydrafacial with the other medical esthetician, Ana.  These were my treatments that I had done at Miami Plastic Surgery, one of the premiere locations for all your skincare and plastic surgery needs. They also were listed a number of times in Allure magazine’s top locations to visit for beauty treatments. As always, I am truly impressed by their fabulous staff and professionalism.  They are truly skilled in finding the right treatments for your beauty needs. Since this was my first time working with Ana, I was very excited. We truly got along wonderfully with our love for fashion and the iconic miss Rachel Zoe.


She is a skilled professional in her field with a vast experience in skincare and laser therapy. As I mentioned, this was a follow up appointment, so I was going to be getting my next laser hair removal treatment on a higher level.  She explained that because of the higher strength, it could be a little noticeable on my skin. I suffer from having incredibly sensitive skin and she was so amazing and attentive in suggesting treatments, products, etc. I was so relaxed and excited to get my follow up laser treatment. Although it was a higher dosage, it was truly uneventful. I didn’t feel anything other than cold air on my face. I didn’t even experience any redness afterwards. Plus, the following week, my skin was clearing up so nicely. Because of the dark pigment of my hair, I really haven’t had much hair grow back. The darker the pigment, the better the laser works at the root for the removal and your hair just naturally falls out from the follicle. After my treatment, Ana suggested that I return in two weeks for a hydrafacial to give my skin a good cleaning. I was really impressed by her bedside manner and skill.

When I went for my hydrafacial, it was fabulous. I felt like I was at a resort in another world. With soothing music and Ana’s gentle technique, it was just what I needed to get my skin ready for the holiday season. The machine is truly amazing and I really love my skin gets so clear and I can see a difference even weeks later. I am always a little apprehensive with treatments on my face because it is so sensitive and I am so prone to breakouts. I can honestly say that throughout my treatments at Miami Plastic Surgery, I have found nothing but the best professionals and products. They are amazing and really have the knowledge to address any concerns. It’s the ultimate experience in beauty treatments.

So I will be continuing to use the product lines recommended to me and as always I highly recommend that you check out this facility. They always offer amazing specials and feature the best in technology and upscale treatments on the market no matter what you are looking for. For more information, go to: www.miamiplasticsurgery.com. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me at: Claudine@curvyrevolution.com. Stay beautiful and hydrated this winter season! Xoxo

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