How to Hire a Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

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Your wedding is an extremely important day and one you’ll remember for a lifetime.  To most brides, how they look on that day is their number one priority.  Here are some tips on how to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day!

Get Serious
Twenty years later, no one will remember what your cake tasted like, what flowers were on the tables, or that your chair covers had those awesome chiffon ribbons on them.  What people will remember is how beautiful you looked.  How will you and anyone who was present remember that?  Your photos.  You’re spending thousands on a photographer – ensure you’ll look perfect in those photos by hiring a makeup artist to perfect your skin and bring out your features.

Let’s talk about what a camera does to you once it gets you in its sights.   A good camera with a skilled photographer behind it will, at the very least, flatten out your features.  Photos are 2-dimensional and so you need makeup to help re-define your features.  Here’s the thing – those 200 guests you invited . . . most of them are armed with a point and shoot camera with a harsh flash.  Their photos aren’t going to be artfully lit and framed.  In order to have a chance at looking great in the photos they’re snapping, you need makeup to perfect your skin, re-define your features, and keep from looking ghostly pale, orange, or shiny.

Get serious about hiring a makeup artist.  Yes, Kate Middleton did her own makeup for her wedding, but she wasn’t being assaulted by your Aunt Mary wielding a disposable camera . . .

Don’t be Cheap!
You’re spending so much money on a photographer – hire a good artist as insurance that you’ll look great in your photos. In this industry, you typically get what you pay for.  If you get your makeup done for free at a cosmetics counter, you’re running the risk of it looking horrible on camera – mostly because a lot of consumer makeup isn’t intended for photography.  Also, counter artists rarely have an opportunity to photograph you and check their work.   If you get your makeup done by a discount artist who’s charging peanuts per face, you’re increasing your chances of running into problems, as well.  Professional makeup artists are reliable, skilled, flexible, and handle themselves and your bridal party with finesse.  A discount artist is more likely to leave your high and dry three weeks before your wedding because she had something else come up.  A pro will need to be bleeding from her eyes or on fire before she bails on you and even then, she’ll find you another artist of equivalent skill within her peer network if she absolutely can’t make it.

Do Your Research

Google local bridal artists and take a look at their portfolios on their websites.  Look closely at the makeup and determine if that artist’s style is something you like.  Is the makeup too subtle for you?  Too heavy or dramatic?  Ask for quotes from artists whose photos you like and who align with your style.  Keep in mind though; good makeup artists can adjust their style to suit the style you want.

When you ask for a quote from a makeup artist, it will help her give you a solid estimate if you can provide her with some basic information

–          date and time (so they know if they’re available on that date)

–          number of people getting makeup (you, mothers, flower girls, bridesmaids, men, etc.)

–          location (some artists charge more if you’re outside of their immediate area)

–          dress style, hair style, etc. (these details help the artist design a look for you)

–          budget (be honest about your budget and a professional artist will either work with you or recommend someone who might be able to work with your budget)

–          if you have any allergies or sensitivities (latex, silicone, parabens, and gluten are common allergens and your artist needs to know this beforehand)


Ask Questions

Artists will gladly answer your questions, so you should take advantage of that in order to make your decision:

Some questions you might want to ask are:

–          do you have packaged deals?

–          do you include a touch up kit?

–          Are you available for touchups throughout the day?

–          Do you require a deposit to hold my day?

–          What is your cancellation policy?

Makeup By,
Photo By, Jennifer Alder

Hiring a makeup artist shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun.  Follow these tips and you’re sure to meet an amazing artist who will help you stay relaxed and beautiful on your wedding day.




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  1. “Thousands” for a photographer? What world is this person living in?

  2. Yep, thousands. The cost for the service varies depending on where you live. Depending on your market, you could spent anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand on a wedding photographer. Here, in Detroit, I received quotes anywhere from $600 to $2500.

  3. No actually thousands for a photographer is not unrealistic, especially a good quality photographer.

  4. Thanks! I really enjoyed reading this topic. Although I am not into makeup and this is not my expertise etc. I just thought it was a very good subject and information provided on how to hire someone to do their makeup for weddings etc… I also just shared this post across the media having other ladies to read it and get this advice too… Well said!

    Janelle. M.

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