Hello my Curvy beauties! Being a Miami native, it is pretty common that we are surrounded by beautiful people. Looking your best is essential to our lifestyle and pampering is just a given for women as well as for men. Normally, there are so many fabulous salons that get a lot of hype and promoting as the “hot” & “happening” places to go. A lot of times, these are places that are in South Beach, Coral Gables or South Miami. I am here to introduce you to the treasures in Kendall. We are one of the cities growing daily with a huge family population as well as high end lifestyle. We have it all in Kendall, so I only think it absolutely necessary that you learn about the amazing salons located in this area catering to your every need! Looking for that perfect stylist, technician and all around beauty guru? Check these out:


Located in the heart of west kendall, this salon offers the comfort and ease of a spa as well as a nail salon. With an amazing staff that caters to your every desire, you are wisked away to another world while getting the highest quality of nail care. They were recently featured in Miami.com for their fabulous nail art technician. As you may know, nail art is trending like crazy and I love anything creative. I was fortunate enough to get in to see her. Kathy is a highly skilled and very talented nail technician with the ability to create any form of nail art you are looking for. Nail art usually runs about $2-$3 dollars a nail, with everything from sparkles and cupcakes to my favorite: Hello Kitty! She is sweet and efficient, but also very good at her craft. Luz, the owner is a savvy business women who has managed to create a fabulous salon that features everything from the trendiest forms of nail care including shellac, gel, acrylic, and they even do lash extensions (which I am so tempted to try). All in all, with as busy as it can be, every client is well taken care of and given 5 star treatment. I highly recommend this place for all your nail and lashes needs.

Location: 13630 SW 120th St. Miami, Fl 33186

Phone: 305-238-0812

Skincare, Waxing & Spray Tan:

There is nothing more beautiful than flawless skin and a glowing complexion. There is also nothing better than finding that perfect person that can take your furry brows or anything else and turn you into a image of truly hairless beauty. With that in mind, I introduce you to The Wax Lady skincare studio. Offering everything from the highest quality in skincare, waxing and now spray tanning. Silvia Velez is a true guru in the field of skincare and eyebrow/body waxing. With 14 years in her field, she has a knowledge and skill all her own. Having studied several areas of skincare, you can tell that it is something that she really loves and it shows in her craft. Her services include expert eyebrow shaping, full body waxing and customized skin care services. Her clients have always enjoyed facial treatments, such as microdermabrasion or peels, that have been personalized to target their skincare needs. She recently introduced her Red Carpet Brows exclusively done at her studio. Silvia will take your brows to another level and get you ready for your close up. She is the only person that offers this service in Miami. With an inviting atmosphere that transports you to another world, her studio is beautiful as well as relaxing. Along with her new associate, Janette Rodriguez, a licensed skincare specialist they are truly taking beauty to another level. Janette is also currently training for spray tanning and will soon be licensed in permanent hair removal. This is the go to place for all your skincare needs. I urge you to give your skin the all star treatment and stop by The Wax Lady skincare studio today. For more information, visit their site: http://www.thewaxlady.net/default.html

Red Carpet Brows:
Beauty Mall
2nd Floor
13550 SW 120 Street #506
Room #3 & 4 (spa area)
Miami, FL 33186


Hair Obsession by Sadie

When you think about getting your hair done, you don’t want to have to think too much. It’s all about that relationship you build with a stylist that will turn you from eek to sheik! You want to be able to say, “Go ahead and make me beautiful” without worry. With that in mind, I urge you to look no further than to Hair Obsession by Sadie. Sadie is an entity all her own, with a background of experience that surpasses anything you have ever seen. I can honestly say that she is the first and only person that I have ever been able to come in with a celebrity picture and say “Sadie, can you do my hair like this?” Mind you, by the time I’m done, I don’t physically look like Katie Holmes, but I am rocking her latest Bob hairstyle. She can transform you into any look you desire and she is the coolest person I know. She is always one step ahead on trends and styles. She can give you any color, cut and look you can dream of and make it your own. Hair obsession has been a staple in Kendall since 1988 and with that comes a world of experience from it’s owner. She is definitely where you go when you want to look amazing! She also has fabulous stylists and technicians to meet all your needs. She also offers high quality products available to for purchase so you can keep up your look at home. If you are anything like me, you are only looking for the best. I have been all over Miami and I can tell you that Hair Obsession by Sadie offers the best in styling and haircare.

For more information, check out her site: www.hairobsessionmiami.com

My last color and cut at Sadie’s: Just a simple blue black and a regular bob cut


Hair Obsession by Sadie
The Beauty Mall
13550 SW 120th Street Suite 506 #101
Miami, Fl 33186
Makeup Artisty:

Victoria is a genuine artist with a gift for creating beauty. She is one of the few makeup artists that isn’t afraid to take beauty to the next level and truly make her clients feel like the perfect work of art. She has loved beauty and makeup all her life and it shows in her natural approach to makeup artistry. She has worked for iconic brands such as Laura Mercier and has managed to mold her gift to cater to every look possible. She can go from fantasy makeup to bridal without even breaking a sweat. She has a love of color and creation that leads her to bring out the best in her clients. She is available for parties, weddings and any special event. For more information, check out her facebook page!You can also email her at: ggmakeup@mail.com / Let her bring out the Goddess in you!!!

Here is a look she did for a shoot that I was in:

So I hope this gives you some insight on the amazing treasures that are available around our beautiful city! Miami is the land of the famed and beautiful, so the good thing is that all of our residents are pretty much that!!! For more information on any of these fabulous places, you can email me at: claudine@curvyrevolution.com! Stay beautiful! Xoxo