Giveaway! Fantastic Mother’s Day Gift from Bath & Body Works (@LuvBBW)

You know your mom is a VIP, but it never hurts to remind her. Show her how important she really is with the Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day VIP Tote, available at your local Bath & Body Works store this May. Packed with summer’s most covetable products, the tote is a Bath & Body Works splurge in a bag. The tote features selections from the new Italian-inspired fragrance collection, as well as a luxe bonus: a Body Cream in Bath & Body Works’ prestige fragrance, Forever Red.


The tote is an incredible insider value – just $20 for over $100 worth of product–with a $40 purchase. Included in Bath & Body Works’ exclusive shimmer linen tote are the following products:

Rome Honeysuckle Amore Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Fine Fragrance Mist
Venice Dolce Berry Body Lotion
Capri Seaside Citrus Body Lotion
Sicilian Orange Concentrated Room Spray- a VIP bag exclusive!
Forever Red Body Cream
Crinkle Mesh Sponge

Enter to win the VIP tote by commenting back with your most memorable moment with your mother.

Contest ends Sunday May 5th 2013 11:59pm pst



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  1. After my mother had a heart attack and then had open heart surgery. I will never in my life forget that first time after her surgery that she opened her eyes to look at me. Still hooked up to all those machines she was able to blink that she knew who I was and that she was in pain, but still here with us. I will never ever forget that moment.

  2. I have many memorable moments with my mom, but the one that always makes me smile is the birth of my first son. I had her go back to the labor/delivery room as this was my second baby and at the time they didn’t tell ya the sex with an ultrasound. I am one of three girls that my mom had and my first was a girl. When the doctor said it’s a boy, my mom started yelling to my dad (through) a closed door) “It’s a boy!!! Paul, it’s a boy!!” That has to be one of the best moments ever!

  3. When she became a grandmother. I remember handing her my daughter and the pride that I saw in her…there’s nothing can express the love she had. It was the best.

  4. My mother is the most exceptional person I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I say that because throughout my life my mom was more than just there for me. I mean that when I wanted to know anything about everything know matter how minute or grand she would always have or show me how to find the answers. Everything was life lessons with her. My mom never did anything without a purpose.

    Ex: The Bus
    We would always go on outings all over Chicago to everywhere and everything no matter how far. So as usually we start our trip but this time on the way back home. As we are leaving mom says how do we get back home? I began laughing. My mom said no really how do we get back home? I looked up at her and said what do you mean? She smiled and said do you remember our address and the street we live on? Yes I replied. “She said as long as you know where your going your never lost”.

    As I asked each of the drivres questions about what route to take I not only learned how to get home.

    I learned how to navigate to think on my feet, remember my surroundings but most importantly.
    That I am never truly lost where ever the journey takes me. I can always make it home.

    I could tell you so much more about my mom that I could make “War & Peace” seem like light reading.

    My most memorable moments with my mom has been my whole life. I love you Wilverlyn L. H. YOU MAKE ME 🙂 WITH MY?.

  5. My parents retired here in NC on 1999. My mom at the time was a little ill. She progressively got worse and I moved here to assist in her care. Six months after I moved here she passed away, while I was and still am sad that she is no longer here, it was the best 6 months of my life. I had the opportunity to go with her to her dr. appointments, sit and just talk to her. We often take people for granted or while we know we won’t be here forever, we do not take the time to live and love the people closest to us enough.

  6. There are many things about my mom that I admire..
    one of them is her desire..
    to work and raise a family.
    For you see..
    My mom has worked each and every day
    but still made time along the way to spend time with me
    and mold me into the woman I would one day be.
    After work we drove off to basketball practice,
    or ballet, or whatever activity it was that day.
    Life was lived in the fast lane…but Mom still made time along the way..
    for us to eat dinner together as a family.
    I’m grown up now but my Mom’s work hasn’t stopped..
    she’s currently juggling two jobs..when it comes to her the ball will never be dropped.
    She taught me how to work hard and still have fun,
    to make time for the people who are number one.
    I love you, Mom!

  7. I have many memorable ones, but here are a few:
    -When we would watch hours of figure skating on tv together
    -When she led the Girl Scout-like group at my school
    – Mother-Daughter banquets growing up
    – Visiting me while I taught English in China for a year, and bringing huge suitcases with comforts from the States 🙂

  8. There are so many moments with my mom that I just wish I could have on video or photos of because they are so touching. I’m still young, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more lasting memories, but the one I feel is the most special would probably be the day my siblings and I gave my mom a rabbit for Christmas. It sounds kind of silly, but she’d seen this particular kind of rabbit at the county fair, and she just loved them. She did all this research about them and everything, and my Dad did NOT want another animal (we’d had a dog previously). But us siblings just had to get her one, so we pooled our money and bought her one. She cried. It was the sweetest thing seeing her holding that little rabbit while she cried with a big smile on her face. My dad now loves our rabbit Rudy.

  9. At my wedding, when we both cried.

  10. My most memorable moment with my mom was when we went to the beach together when I was a kid. She would make these hotdogs with chili wrapped in tin foil. I will never forget those days.

  11. My mom visited me and my husband who lived 4 hours away at the time. We went and visited a lot of places like the zoo. It was some of the most fun we ever had together

  12. I am so excited!! 🙂 I love Curvy Magazine! <3 Thank you!

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