Sunday is my typical “spa day”. I give myself a mani/pedi, exfoliate my skin, blah blah blah. It is my way of getting ready for the week. This is typically when I take on the chore of doing something to this natural mane of mine as well. Because I vowed to not buy extensions or wigs for the next 6 months, well 5 months and 3 days but who is counting, I have been daunted with taking care of my natural hair more than normal. Normally I slap some cornrows in after a co-wash and deep condition and I am good to go for 2 weeks. Well, now I realize how lack luster my hair product collection has gotten.

But OH THANK HEAVENS, for Belle Amour Blends. I had the pleasure of incorporating this company into my spa regiment and I have to tell you that they are amazing!  I am super excited about the products that I used that can be used on hair because they were amazing.


I received 3 items to review and they were all the same scent  and same size. I received 4 oz’s of the Rejueventaing Clay Cleanser, Whipped Butter Creme and Honey Brown Sugar Scrub in Caribbean Burst. The clay cleanser and the whipped creme can be used on your hair,scalp and skin. I opted to use the clay cleanser on my hair and scalp and the whipped creme butter has been used all over.


I started my night off using the Rejuvenating Clay Cleanser. The smell was rather earthly but still had the wonderful Caribbean smell to it, so it didn’t bother me, besides is a clay. This product has to be mixed with distilled water or aloe juice, just so happened I have some exotic plants in my house that require distilled water so the Mr. was happy to share…NOT! But after I mixed the clay and water in a plastic cup with a plastic spoon (this is what she sent me so I would recommend not using metal) I allowed it to get to a yogurt consistency. I used more than recommended because my hair is very thick and shoulder length when stretched out. I applied in section and massaged in my scalp. This has to be rinsed out with cold water and oh my heavens that was the most painful part. But I rinsed it out completely and the product left my hair soft and my curls were amazing! My hair is a moisture fiend, so a few days after doing this my hair felt drier than normal so I just added more moisture and its back to normal. So if you have dry, moisture loving hair just know you may have to use more product to combat the dryness this may cause.


Next I used the Honey Brown Sugar scrub in the shower along with a plastic spoon. I found this to be a wonderful experience. I have been using other exfoliating products from the local Walmart in my daily cleansings and I don’t see a difference in my skin. However this product left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and shiny. I have harsh water here in Northern CA and I usually need to jump into the Vaseline pool as soon as I get out the shower but I was able to finish my deep conditioning treatment on my hair before I remembered that I hadn’t put on lotion or any kind of moisturizer. I used this product on my problem areas as well, like my feet (its winter so we all gotta scrub a little harder), my elbows and such and found those areas to be baby bottom smooth as well. This product is a definite must! Super excited to use this on a weekly basis. To all my curvy-nistas out there. I am a plus size diva as well and the 4oz container is still pretty full and I used this one my whole body!


Last but certainly not least is my favorite product out of the bunch, and can’t you tell that I love them! The whipped butter creme, truly is butter that melts in your hands. I didn’t use this product alone on my hair after the clay cleanser because I know how my hair is but I use this nightly on my body now and whenever I need to add lotion to hands after washing dishes. I find myself massaging it into my nails and my cuticles look better than ever. When you get a small amount of the product the scent awakens you, so please pick a scent you enjoy! And then your body’s heat melts the product and it glides on like butter. I didn’t find it greasy at all, but it worked. I didn’t need to even reapply it after I washed my hands again but the moisture was still there. My heels and elbows stay moisturized throughout the day. I find myself dipping into this bad boy several times a day and will definitely be ordering this in larger quantities.


Overall these products would make any beauty lover happy for the holidays. The prices are very affordable, the shipping was fast and the customer service was spectacular. What else can I say? Definitely a company that is on my Christmas list to send out to my friends and family!



And….GUESS WHAT!  You have a chance to win some of these wonderful items yourself! The owner of the company has been gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway!

Rules to the giveaway are very simple and there will be 2 winners!!

1. Be 18 or older and live in the United States

2. Follow Belle Amour Blends on IG (@belleamourblend)

3. Follow Belle Amour Blends on Twitter (@belleamourblend)

4. Leave a comment on our Facebook post for this Review and say “I want to win a gift basket from Belle amour Blends”

The giveaway will run for until December 7th@11:59pm PST and winners will be chosen using I will announce the winners on our Facebook page!


Good Luck everyone! You will not be disappointed…

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