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GIVEAWAY: Book of Shadows +Review


Who doesn’t love free standing palettes for their makeup? Just depot, plop and go! Thanks to Book of Shadows you can do just that, with the ability to customize your palette. So no more picking out designs and patterns that millions have. You know can get your makeup organization customized to your liking and your style.


I don’t own any of the magnetic palettes because until recently I just depotted my shadows and was perfectly fine with my MAC palette, but everyone has that. I wanted something that when I am at a fashion show doing makeup or at friends house, there is no mistaken that that palette is mine! And that is what this company offers. Quality products, affordable prices and a uniqueness that is all your own.



I placed some MAC shadows in here and found that the magnetic backing on the palette was wonderful! The palette stayed closed and the shadows did not budge. For me, that is a winner! I have limited edition shadows and I don’t want to have them all busted up! I have even taken this palette with one photoshoots and it held up wonderfully! I am definitely in the market to order some more!!

And thanks to the lovely company, 5 of our lucky readers will be able to own a palette as well!

Rules of the giveaway!!!

1. Must like Book of Shadows Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/thebookofshadows

2. Have to 18 yrs or older

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3. Must live in the United States

4. Must comment on this blog post and tell us what your favorite eyeshadow is

The giveaway will end on December 31th, 2013 @11:59pm PST.

And wait……that is not all! Just in case you want to order NOW, we have a coupon code for you and all our international ladies that can not participate: CURVY10 , use that for 10% off of your order!

Want a great stocking stuffer or gift for that lady in your life? Give her the gift of she can customize herself!

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