Aloha! These products come all the way from the gorgeous island of Hawaii. If you have never been there and seen the gorgeous beaches and eaten the wonderful foods, well you are missing an experience. However, thanks to Passion Moon Potions, you may be a step closer to to these tropical paradise.


I was sent 5 items to review and with items being handmade, I received my package fairly quickly.  I was sent Kau’i Anti Aging Facial serum, Sweet Lavendar Lemon Facial Moisturizer, Whipped Sugar Scrub in Sticky Cinnamon Bun, Hawaiian Honey Soap, and Caramel Mocha Lip Tint. These items all have a splendid aroma and from the packaging and consistency I can tell that a lot of TLC went into constructing them.


Since I was sent 2 body washes I decided to step outside of my normal routine of just using products on my “Spa Day” and used the Hawaiian Honey Soap during the week. I loved how this bar gave me a great softness to my skin. It lathered up nicely, but took some work for me because of the size. My hands are fairly small but hey the more the longer it last, and believe me you want this to last. After I got out of the shower my skin wasn’t screaming for lotion how it normally does, so that is always a plus to me.


While in the shower I normally wash my makeup off and clean my face and then I moisturize when I get out. I was super pumped to use my Sweet Lavendar Lemon Facial Moisturizer because to me this has the best smell. I have used it daily since I received it. Although I received a small amount, I found that just a dab on the tip of my finger can be applied to my whole face and I am good. My skin doesn’t feel dry and in the morning I still have soft skin. The smell doesn’t bother me but some may want something that isn’t quite as strong.


It can’t just be me that has dry lips after a shower….well maybe it is just me. But either way I have to apply a moisturizer to lips before bed so I figured that was a good time to try out the Caramel Mocha Lip Tint. I found this to be a nice product, it gave my lips moisture like it is supposed to. However I found the consistency to be kind of greasy on my lips when it was initially applied but that soon gets absorbed and the product makes your lips feel nice and smooth. The lip tint did have a nice color payoff that is very easy to wear on those days when you don’t want to pull out the lipgloss or lipstick.


I was very hesitant to try oil on my very oily skin. However the Kau’i Anti Aging Facial Serum is one of my favorite items. I applied this one a night when I didn’t use a moisturizer, like I said I have oily skin so I don’t want to over moisturize. I massaged this into my skin and amazingly, my skin didn’t feel overly oily at all. I found myself using this more than the facial moisturizer because it was so light and my pores didn’t feel clogged like they have with other facial serums that I have tried in the past. Definitely a product worth investing in.


Once again I have saved the best for last…I don’t know what it is about these scrubs I have been using here lately but I am loving them. However by far this is my favorite! This scrub truly left my skin feeling so moisturized that I didn’t have to use a body cream when I was done. The warm water in the shower just beaded off my skin and the smell…I wanted to eat my skin. It was so scrumptious.  I can’t wait to order a bigger container!! The only con is that I don’t have more in every flavor that she could possibly make.


The products from this company are definitely a little pricey but I find them to be very competitive with your bigger “organic” companies.  The quality of everything I tried is high end. I am loving the whipped scrub the best because I haven’t seen anything like it or that has given my skin the type of moisture that has allowed me to NOT use lotion. Definitely check out Passion Moon Potion’s site, I am sure you will not be disappointed.