First off I want to say that I am not an owner of many makeup bags, as much makeup as I have. I literally traveled across country with putting my makeup in clear ziploc bags and just prayed they didn’t break. However, after receiving these beauties I am sold! I was researching various items to review for you guys and found this wonderful company called The Tragic Whale.  The owner, Kerry, was gracious enough to pick out 2 bags from her collection to send to me to review for you guys. And to be honest I use them every day now. I don’t see how I went without them. Everything from her unique designs to wonderful quality of work and stellar craftsmanship needs to be commended. The items arrived wonderfully packaged and it was so cute. Her communication and shipping was far above average.



Once I received my packages, which was about 2 to 3 days after she let me know she mailed them I opened up to find these 2 super cute bags. Nothing like these can be found in stores. Also in my packaging was a card that contained instructions how to wash the bags and details on what they are made out of. These bags are lined on the inside with material that can be cleaned if one of your liquid products was to spill by accident. Definitely superb craftsmanship, these bags are better than the ones that I see in local stores. I know that they will last me for a long time.




The bigger bag that I received was deceiving to the eyes. This bag could hold a ton of makeup. I was actually surprised that even after putting all the makeup that I have shown below, there was STILL MORE ROOM! This is definitely enough for me to take on overnight trips and getaways that my husband and I have. I can fit all my makeup and possibly some travel brushes in here.  As you can see I have a 12 well palette, 2 compacts, a stick foundation, concealer, shadow base and some mascara. I just grabbed what was on my makeup table from my look earlier that day and was suprised to see that I still had way more room left in this bag, like I said it is deceptively big.



Next I tested out the smaller bag that I received and was still rather impressed with all that it could hold as well. I find myself using this one more for an everyday basis. In fact its in my purse right now with my lipsticks, chapsticks, lipbalms, a liner and several lipglosses (what can I say I have to touch up my lips during the day but that is it).





The palette fit but it was definitely a tight fit. I immediately took it out because I didn’t want to ruin my bag. This one is truly my favorite, I love the peacock!

I love quality work and I appreciate all that Kelly puts into her bags. I already have a few divas on my list that are getting some of her bags for their birthdays in 2014, so you should definitely check her out as well!