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DIY Almond Rose Exfoliating Scrub


Every Sunday I like to have my at home spa day and just take some extra time to get my body and mind ready for the week. I find that these days allow to relax and be the best that I can be for my family, but they also allow me to save money. I simply don’t want to spend hundreds in a spa on a weekly basis to do something that I can do at home.

After the long strenuous holiday season some of us just need to unwind and rejuvenate our skin. Exfoliating scrubs remove old skin cells and leave the skin fresh and soft. I find myself doing one of these every 2 to 3 weeks to keep my skin fresh but I also work out and wear makeup frequently. If you don’t, I would suggest doing this on a monthly basis depending on how much your skin may need it.


½ tsp of almond flower

1 tsp of rose water (if you don’t have any rose water, you can pour boiling water over rose petals; allow that to steep for 30 minutes; and drain. Please allow water to completely cool before using, I would suggest overnight at room temperature)


~ Mix ingredients together

~ Wash and dry your face with regular facial cleanser

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~ Apply scrub to your face avoiding eyes and lips

~ Allow to sit for 10 minutes

~ Rinse off with cool water and moisturize your face

Viola!!! All done!! A great way to feel new and rejuevenated!

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