Remember as a teenager when you would see what your younger sibling had, be it a toy or learning instrument, and you thought to yourself “where was that when I was younger?” Well that is exactly what I want to know, where was this wonderful company Shany Cosmetics when I was just starting out as a makeup artist?  Now this company isn’t geared toward makeup artist by any means, I mean anyone from your newbie makeup enthusiasts to your seasoned makeup vet will appreciate this company all the same, but if you are a new makeup artist and looking to add to your kit or have limited funds but want to get started, definitely check out this wonderful items that I was sent from Shany Cosmetics.


First up is the 12 pc Vegan Mineral Brush set. What isn’t there to love about these brushes!? First off, right off the back I loved them simply because they were pink. However once I opened them and washed them, they were instantly going into my professional kit. I couldn’t be greedy and just keep these babies for myself. I love how they were sturdy in use and when cleaned they cleaned pretty well. These brushes are synthetic so with that being said I did use the brushes outside of their intended use and they held up just fine. I used the powder brushes to apply foundation and buff it in and the models skin came out wonderful. I would highly NOT recommend that you do that however because I found that the brush was extremely hard to clean and because my model was a woman of color, the brush is now stained. Definitely not a negative on the company or the product seeing as how its not meant to be used with foundation. This set will be a permanent staple in my kit and a great starter set. For the price point of $18, you just can’t beat it.


So you thought I was impressed with the brushes, well this product right here stole the show! The Masterpiece Seven Layer Makeup Palette is my current love! These box is definitely a show stopper and whether you are just starting out in makeup or a seasoned vet you love high quality and this is worth every penny you will spend to get it. There is 4 palettes of amazingly, pigmented, vibrant colors in all textures; a lipstick palette, a concealer palette and a blush palette. Want to know the price!?!? Wait for it…. $49!!!!! I promise you my jaw dropped when I saw this!

IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0366 IMG_0365 IMG_0364 IMG_0363 IMG_0362 IMG_0367



And please don’t sleep on this product, check out the makeup look I used using the shadows!



For a tutorial on this look check out my channel!

A lot of companies on Youtube and social media get a ton of hype that they don’t necessarily deserve but this isn’t one of them. I stand behind this brand completely and whether you are new to the makeup artistry business and want to start your kit or simply looking to expand your collection, definitely give Shany Cosmetics a try!


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