As the weather changes and the makeup we apply on a daily gets lighter and lighter, its all about what you rock on your lips.  This season is about finding what color inspires you to be the best you can be. Search for your inner diva and let her shine! We are going to give you some awesome color options for every diva and for every occasion. There is nothing like having a nice clean face and a lip color that can show a pop of personality! So what type of diva are you? Check out our choices below to see!


First in the line lip is for our Flirty Divas! Nothing says fun and flirty like rocking a purple lip! This color can be toned down to be made more work appropriate or let it shine for the evening so that you will be noticed. Definitely not for the faint of heart but we say if you have the personality then flaunt it honey! Give black|Up Vernis a Levres #06 a try!


For the daring diva we have a nice orange lip color. It takes someone who likes to live on the edge and think outside of the box to make this color truly work. Definitely a great color for the season you will always catch someone’s eye. Want a nice orange color that has a brillant shine, then try Milani’s Mai-Tai lipgloss, this color truly won’t disappoint.


We can’t forget our natural divas that don’t really do makeup at all and want something nice and subtle. This color is perfect to for the office and for the weekend quick runs. black|Up cosmetics Vernis a Levres #08 is a nice neutral lip color that goes with any look at any time. It definitely makes a great statement all its own.


And last but definitely not least to my party divas! We couldn’t end this article without a pop of pink for you and Milani brings out the best pinks in the game! Every woman, in my opinion, needs to have that go to pink color for when they want to shine bright like a diamond! Milani’s lip intense liquid color in Pink Rave is definitely the color to have. You can be all the previous divas wrapped into one with this baby right here.


So ladies tell us…what diva are you?


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