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Color Trends : Fall / Winter Edition 2014

As the seasons change, so does our colors. Colors for what you may ask… Colors for everything. From the hues of your lipstick down to the pretty polish on your toesies change is constant from season to season. This fall primary colors make a triumphant comeback. From purple to blue to red to yellow and a few shades off the beaten path, Paying attention to your art teacher in elementary school will show its full purpose when mixing and matching your primary colors with your accents. Here are a few ways to carry out this falls go to colors into your own personal style. Go a head give it a go, this year put your own signature twist on what used to be “basic”.


Purple Haze


Amethyst, Boysenberry, Lavender, Violet, Magenta, Fuchsia, Mauve… The list could go on forever. This fall take a walk on the wild side with these bold lipsticks by Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Yellow There !


Who Would have thought that this bright, warm color would be making a head line visit for the fall. Yellow will be seen all across the board from a very deeply pigmented rich yellow to a pretty light a fluffy pastel pale yellow. Want to make a statement, Wear this color as a floor length skirt or use yellow as an accent color and bring some spice into your look.

You Red My Mind

redmcqueenclutchDon’t let the fall color trends just stop at your wardrobe. Radiant reds take the forefront to this years accessory colors. Handbags, Necklaces, Earrings, Headbands, you name it. Bring out that fiery ferocious side with a sensual red.

Giving Me The Blues

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Don’t be blue because the summer is coming to an end… Actually throw that out the window, let’s be BLUE  ! This color for the season has been seen everywhere from crop tops to hair color. Blue is a great color with many shades to play up each other. You could turn yourself into a human ombre of colors mixing and matching any shade of blue you can find, Or for those that are a little more subtle, Pick your main piece (Skirt, Shirt, Pants, Blazer) and go with the look with nudes, whites or browns to set the richness of the blue off perfectly.

Public Nudity


This fall is all about being bold, and what better way to go bold then to go nude.  We aren’t suggesting that you start stripping off your gear (It took you a lot of effort to get that outfit together). Instead you should add a little nudity to your everyday looks. Eye shadow is the perfect opportunity to get a more sheer/natural look when it comes to your makeup. This eye shadow palette (Appropriately named) “Naked” by Urban Decay will give you all the basics you need to start stripping down your look.

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