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New York City based Make-up Artist, Content Creator and Creative Director Moshoodat. Miss Moshoodat combines her talents by creating stunning campaigns for brands like Juvia’s Place and Makeup Forever as well as Film and Television with the likes of VH1 and OWN just to name a few. Moshoodat Sanni teamed up with The Makeup ShowChicago (October 13th & 14th @Revel Fulton Market) as a Keynote Speaker. During the hour and a half she spent on stage Moshoodat shared tips on her favorite products to create her signature and timeless glowy looks as well as how to get started on making your dreams come true, The ultimate glow up!

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Skin Prep

Moshoodat is known for her flawless, glistening and glowy skin looks. Feeling like I am about to learn the secrets to life itself my ears were wide open as she shared one of her favorite go to products to use as primer. Moshoodat gushed about how she was in love with the Becca primers. Her favorite to use, as she did in her demo was the Backlight Priming Filter  by Becca Cosmetics. The product itself gives off a soft golden sheen upon application. Having this golden tint on the skin as a base will help give the foundation a more natural radiant glow.

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Face & Body

One of the key processes I noticed during Moshoodat’s makeup demo was the way that she brought the products used from the face down onto the body. Applying the foundation and illuminators the same way she applied it to the face all over the neck, decollate and chest area to bring the entire look together. Picking her brain I wanted to know what products she uses to get such a smooth application. Moshoodat swears by Danessa Myricks Beauty (Who was also doing a live demo at The Makeup Show) products. The foundation she applied for the look was The Danessa Myricks Vision Cover Crème Foundation. The illuminating product she used was also from the Danessa Myricks Beauty line. The Illuminating Veil is a long wear cream highlighter that works perfectly on the skin to give it the dewy wet skin look.

It’s All About the Tools

There were quite a few questions for Moshoodat about her favorite products and what her personal recommendations were and she proceeded to tell us not to get hung up on products. There are so many brands, and so many companies that you should invest more on your tools. When you have great tools you can make almost any product work for you. The brushes used during her demo were from the Juvia’s Place pro brush collection.

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Learning about Moshoodat and her rise to fame and success is an inspiring story in itself. From her holding down jobs at multiple makeup counters to hearing how she creates her own looks from makeup to wardrobe by hand. Being such a giver and an advocate for the creatives in the world Moshoodat shared some of her thoughts on how you can make your dreams come true.

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Master Your Craft

Moshoodat talked a lot about how this generation is one of the here and the now. We want something, we want it fast or we lose interest. But in your career choice and passion you will be better off learning your craft inside and out. Not that you need to be perfect but being able to prove your worth and why you should get booked, or cast or hired for something over your competition comes with time, effort and practice.

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Don’t stay in One Lane

Another topic that was covered during the discussion was being versatile. Learning to find away to connect all of your talents together to create a special niche market that you can fall into. Most successful entrepreneurs are good at more than one thing. She stated that finding a away to connect what your good at with your passion (which isn’t always the same thing) will put you in the position to have more to bring to the table at the end of the day. This will make you a greater asset to whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.  

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Utilize Your Resources

Listening to Moshoodat talk about her life experiences as an artist and some of the trials and tribulations she has gone through made me realize that your situation is what you make of it. She went on to tell us that when you are in a situation and you want to create something out of nothing it is very possible. Sometimes you just have to take a look of what is accessible to you and look at it as an opportunity to show how creative you are when it comes to going after what you want. Learning to use what you have access to instead of waiting until you have everything set perfectly will show your determination, will and courage. All of which are traits you need to have to be an entrepreneur.

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This keynote was such an amazing learning experience. Make sure to check out Moshoodat’s work online at www.moshoodat.com and a special thank you to The Makeup Show Chicago. To check out tour dates and ticket information head over to www.themakeupshow.com.