Top 10 “Undiet” Tips

Brandy's questions and answersI received a GREAT question from a visitor at She asked: “Brandy, I hear all that stuff about how mindset plays a BIG part in losing weight, but once you get your mind in check how do you get your plate to follow? I could really use some sound advice AND help like yesterday!

Thanks in advance from Ms. Concerned

Well, surprisingly this NOT a question I get too often…But should. Therefore I was SO excited to address it. Reading between the lines what her question revealed was that she’s moved beyond the whole “diet” mindset and is embracing a “lifestyle change.” That’s truly the key! So Ms. Concerned I’ve put together these Top 10 Undiet Tips to give you and SO MANY women like you my “sound advice” which is likewise supported by most nutritionist and dietitians…I have a lot of them as friends and their quick to put me in check(-:

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables Portion Guide

Vegetables and fruits are stocked full of fiber, antioxidants and nutrients. However, still monitor your fruit intake; especially if you’re pre-diabetic or diabetic because sugar is sugar even in its natural form. Since I already know that this statement causes a lot of controversy, I will address this topic again in a future article.

Add lean protein

At each meal add some form of lean protein, such as chicken, lean pork and beef (top round steak is among the leanest of cuts), turkey tofu or beans and a few times a week you can even put seafood in the protein list AND on your plate.

Include whole grains

Yes, I said it…eat bread! However, I have my “conspiracy theories” about wheat bread too, mainly due to the false claims a lot of these popular manufacturers put on the packaging. I despise the false claims a lot of these manufacturers are making claiming “100% whole grain” this and “100% whole wheat” that…again, more on this topic in a future article. However, in the meantime for a list of Brandy approved wheat bread brand email Be sure to put ‘Brandy Approved Products’ on the subject line.

Dairy ProductsDon’t forget the diary

Vitamin D and calcium are ESSENTIAL to our health (and sadly lacking the most especially as we age). Therefore consider having a cup of fat-free or low-fat milk with your meals. Both provide the same amount of calcium and key nutrients as whole milk just with less calories and fat. Don’t do milk? Then try soymilk or add low-fat yogurt in your meals.


Avoid the extra’s

Adding extra mayo and double cheese to your meals does nothing more than add extra fat and calories to your body. When possible resist the urge to add heavy gravies or sauces to your meal. No worries, it took me FOREVER to adopt this one. Try healthier substitutes for flavor and texture instead. Don’t be fooled by the false labels claiming “no fat” this or “reduced fat” that…when possible just don’t’ indulge.

Slow down

Take time to (actually) enjoy, savor and chew your food. Practice being present and paying attention to the flavors, tastes and textures of your food; alongside your thoughts and emotions. It takes about 20 minutes for the “I’m full” signal to alert your upper intestine and unfortunately for most people in our rushed and hurried society their already on their second or third serving by then.

Use smaller dishes

Yes, this is a mental trick that actually does work! Remember the old adage “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” It’s true, they are! So invest in smaller dinner plates (like a 9 inch plate) or just eat off of saucers. Over the years, one thing I’ve noticed that has continued to increase alongside American’s waistlines are the size of our plates AND cups. I realized this while going through some old family heirlooms. The plates from my grandmother’s first set of “fancy” dishes looked about the same size of the play dishes in my daughter’s kitchen set.

Control your food destiny Portion Visual

Eat at home as OFTEN as possible so that you KNOW what you are eating. If you do eat out, pay attention to portion size (restaurants servings are generally bigger than the average) and choose healthier options such as steamed, grilled or baked instead of fried, smothered or battered.

Fruits Substitute your sweets

Ok, I know I said “sugar is sugar” and it is. However, sweet urges are normal (and expected). So if you have to satisfy your sweet tooth, I’d rather you do it by eating strawberries (or any other fruit) instead of a Snickers bar (or any other candy for that matter). This way you get some necessary antioxidants, nutrients and fiber versus unecessary chemicals and carbohydrates.

Introduce new food regularly

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “variety is the spice of life” therefore spice up your meals by trying new spices and foods that you’ve never tried before. You just may find a new favorite! Between the internet AND television you have access to an infinite amount of food ideas and recipes…so make it a point to try some.

So there you have it, start implementing these Top Tips at each meal and you’re well on your way to changing your body from the inside out! Fill free to send me your questions…You never know it may just be answered in our next article.

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