Greater Than Image

Is image really everything? I think not. In fact, I know that it is not. I have discovered that there is more power in something that cannot be seen and only be sensed. I am referring to confidence. I have learned that confidence can be everything. It doesn’t matter if a woman is walking the red carpet or if she is walking the dog. As long as she is walking with confidence, she has everything she needs to attract the people that will add to her world.

What is confidence? The word confidence derives from the Latin word “confidentia” which means “firmly trusting and bold.” Having the boldness to trust in yourself is a powerful thing because it influences others to put their trust in you too. Possessing confidence can motivate a man to chivalrously open your door and it will open doors to opportunities as well.

I learned this important lesson after I began my career as a spoken word artist. I perform in front of audiences delivering messages of change and empowerment. When I step onto the platform I know audiences size me up before I even utter my first verse. So I understand why a person may believe that image is everything. But experience has taught me that our confidence is greater than our image.

A few years into my career I became seriously ill. The medicines used to treat my illness had a common side effect of weight gain and that’s when it happened. I gained 80 pounds in a year! But did that stop me? Of course not! I know that my creative gifts are an asset to society and this gives me great confidence.

After my weight gain I gave a performance that was recorded for video, which I took to an industry executive. A few seconds into the video he said, “WOW! You have a lot of confidence!” Highly impressed, he was eager to share information about me with his business contacts. He never once mentioned my weight. So many doors have been opened in spite of what some may have viewed as a setback.

Before the rapid weight gain, I was not “small.” In fact, I believe that my skeleton alone is at least a size 8. So even when I am physically fit, my clothing is usually size large. Being thin is not required to be attractive or successful; but being confident is mandatory.

If you’re going to achieve your greatest potential YOU have to believe that what you bring to the world is not only desired; but needed. Knowing this will increase your confidence and make you more beautiful as you boldly give the world you.


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