#399: Breaking The Unwritten ‘Laws’

tumblr_lgel4joUpm1qz4d4bo1_500Are you ready to walk the at times lonely road amidst the opposition standing ready to deny the possibility of your dreams being actualized? Can you stand to be ridiculed to give this thing life? Are you willing to ‘fight’ against the popular thought that you don’t belong –not with fists but with perseverance to see it through to the end? Are you ready to go against the grain of what’s popular so as to stay true to your uniqueness?
Between the dream and the “promised land” is the processing period in the wilderness. Therein lies the morgue of many things once started that died a quick and sudden death. Dreams typically feel good at conception and often represent a platform where we see our potential maximized. What the vision doesn’t include initially is the work and pruning in the valley it will take to accomplish the pretty picture. Those experiences are reserved for the time when we’ve signed on the dotted line, and committed to being an active participant in the pursuit of our dream. We’re hooked. Now begins the work paired with an engaged audience looking on from a full spectators stand. We have to walk this out, if not for our own sake then for the onlookers whose next steps are woven into our own story. In the doing we find the way and the door slightly ajar to lead us to the stairs. Gentle nudge: Standing still waiting to begin is not the posture to move us forward.
Whether you’re spending your time playing FoxyBingo or Angry birds so many people are still watching you. Your circle of influence much wider than your perceived immediate circle. What you do or don’t ultimately determines how at least one other person will live their life and whether they choose to chase their own dream. True enough each person is accountable for how they choose to write their story, but to some extent a parent still influences a child, and you unknowingly inspire a few – if even a stranger, or at the least cause a life or two to be lived differently. The young and the seasoned are looking your way. Some because they are intrigued by what makes you different as they sense you’re not ordinary – there’s something different about you. Others because they too have dreams to pursue and you’re inspiring them to keep pushing through to their own respective dreams. We’re connected even in our differences of strengths and weaknesses; all pulling from each other’s journey. What the initial dream also doesn’t show you is the difference that you will make through bringing this thing to pass, the history you will write or how critical it is that you stay true to your own mold and do this your way.
“Are u ready to live out your own personal sermon?”

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