Chasing Manufactured Passions

Recently, I found myself engaged in pool-side chatter with a marketing guru. While the conversation started off from the angle of customer service and digging deep into brands and their responsibility to deliver a certain level of experience to both the undecided consumer perusing their website and the loyal customer sold out on their brand, their product and their message, we ventured even further into the voice of the brand and who writes the message.
While you may not be a brand manager marketing a product on or an item purchased in our grocery store aisles, you are indeed the brand manager of your life. In our day to day we market our personal brand in our packaging, our language and our authentic voice.
When you look at your life, do you see consistency in your messaging and a steady pace towards your goals and passions? Or do you see a disconnect between what you really hunger for in life and the chase you’re on to achieve manufactured passions – the dream that sounds impressive, looks good on paper, was whispered in your ear by another, woven into our thoughts as we try to please someone else, or of course it appears to have the promise of a very rewarding financial future. Functioning in a state of being underwhelmed lately? In all matters of the heart, this powerful muscle reminds us that it cannot be deceived and will always fight to share its authentic self.
When asked what he thought created the great divide between those who made it and those who fell by the way side, his response was simple – “not everyone taps into the power of being true to themselves. Instead, they join the rat race of pursuing manufactured passions and tries to ignore what’s really in our heart. We at times abandon our dreams for something that seems more attractive or fall in the trap of becoming weary when things repeatedly go south and go for what seems easier.”
So before taking even one more step in 2013 ask yourself, are you chasing your true love or romancing filler? Are you being guided by what fuels your heart or did you give up based on the misconception that they are too grand to come true? Call me a hopeless romantic, but where writing your brand story is concerned, I believe in the happily ever after. I believe that whether you are Oprah, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or any other success story we have heard about or seen firsthand, it starts with the dream, demands that we pursue it even in the face of failure, beckons us to walk in the opposite direction of any temptation that seems easier and remain crazy enough to believe wholeheartedly that you were meant to do that which you pursuit.
Contrary to popular belief, finding out what we were meant to do may be as simple as sitting still “in the busy” to hear and feel what we live and yearn to do. We see traces of the desire leaving a trail behind us, and even when not functioning in a conscious state we ‘sleep-walk’ our way to the very thing. Life is too short to not love our lives and what we do or to cheat ourselves of the chance to blossom from into the full realization of what sets our hearts on fire. We may walk the red carpet, be the first at something, change a life or two, but one thing is for sure when we pursue our true dream we can’t not become our next best thing.

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