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“Soul Food” Chef @KimKardashian?

Looks like America’s favorite reality TV star Kim Kardashian is showing off a new talent.  The 32 year old mother to be, just showed off her culinary skills when she posted a picture on the social network Instagram.

Kim took to the kitchen and whipped up a meal for her “love”. She went southern style, cooking up all her “loves” favorite dishes such as mac n’ cheese, corn bread, fried chicken, green beans, sweet potato soufflé and finished the meal off with banana pudding as the dessert!


Now this may not be your typical down south “Grandma Thelma” recipes, but you cant knock the girl for trying. And who knows, it may just be as delicious as it looks. Im sure her baby daddy Kanye West and his studio boys enjoyed it. Kim knows just how to please her man! The spread looked wonderful, maybe Kanye could use the picture as his new “Yezzus” album coming out later this year since he decided not to have one?

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Photo: Vibe Vixen Instagram
Photo: Vibe Vixen Instagram

What are we thinking readers, would you grab a plate?

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