Is there a more quintessential sandwich of summer than the classic BLT? If so, then I am unaware of it. A classic BLT sandwich isn’t only perfect for the bounty of summer tomatoes and lettuces, but it’s the perfect blank canvas to add some extraordinary touches, bringing the classic BLT up to epically memorable status.

Next time you’re lost over what to serve for dinner, grab a package of bacon and along with the usual lettuce and tomato, pick up a few ingredients that can transform your sandwich into something special.

  1. Play around with your bacon. These days, there are more kinds and varieties of bacon than ever before. Sure, there’s the regular bacon, but try out a few of the turkey bacons, or venture into your supermarket’s niche area and pick up a specialty bacon from a local smokehouse.
  2. Build your sandwich with a different slice. Wheat bread and white bread both have their places in the sandwich hall of fame, but try something different. Grab a loaf of sourdough, or pick up a package of ciabatta heck, why not try pita or lavash for a really unusual twist on a classic.
  3. Jack up your mayo. Instead of the same old spread, make the mayo extra special and extra flavorful by adding finely shredded basil or green onion, a pinch of garlic powder or even a few dashes of hot sauce.
  4. Give your sandwich some extra oomph and deliciousness by adding a thick slice of aged cheddar cheese, or a fried egg, over easy so you have plenty of yolk to soak into your bread.
  5. Mix up your greens. Instead of plain lettuce, grab a handful of mixed greens, baby spinach, or even a few fresh basil leaves or a handful of sprouts.
  6. Think beyond the red. Grab a yellow or orange or even a green heirloom tomato to add another layer of color to your sandwich.

By incorporating a few of these tricks into your next BLT, you’ll give a favorite summer sandwich a new kick and your tastebuds a new sensation. It’ll make your sandwich anything but ordinary.

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