Curvy soul singer Angie Stone is set to release of her sixth studio album later this year. The album will be the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Unexpected’ and will be lead by the first single “Rich Girl.”

“[The album] should be out this fall. ‘Rich Girl’ is the first single,” Stone tells Sister 2 Sister. “Rich Girl” will be released this summer and the video will be directed by Stone’s friend and actor Idris Elba. She adds, “That’s my buddy. We’re very, very, very close. We’re very musically connected, and we’re friends as well.”

Prior to the release of the new album, Stone will be focusing on her first passion; acting.

“Acting was my first love. This was the direction I was going when I got discovered as a singer. Everything comes full circle back around. It’s coming back in this arena for me now,”

Angie currently co-stars in the new play “Loving Him is Killing Me.” as she will play Mutha, a nightclub singer with attitude. The character “Mutha” is a woman with lots of soul and lots of humor. Loving Him is Killing Me is currently running in the Washington, D.C., area and co-stars Kenny Lattimore, Tyson Beckford, Christopher Williams and NeNe Leakes. Despite all the hoopla surrounding NeNe Leakes in the reality shows Celebrity Apprentice and The Real Housewives of Atlanta Stone says she gets a long fine with her.

“Sometimes we get thrown under the bus. A lot of things happen for a lot of reasons. Some we can control and some we can’t. I can’t say what her relationship is with other people. I don’t have a problem with NeNe. She’s a go getter. She’s a winner. She’s always gonna shine ‘cause she knows the game. When you know the game too well, it gets thrown back at you at the wrong angle,” said Angie.