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Meet Jelly From BET’s Born to Dance

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the viewing party for  BET’s “Born to Dance” featuring plus size dancer Jahleeka “Jelly” Morris . I met the beautiful and courageous “Jelly”.  Ms. Morris has broken a barrier that only a few women have dared to challenge. In reality television, plus sized women or ‘thick girls’ stand out amongst the other cast mates mostly due to size but there a few that stand out because of their determination. BET’s Born To Dance is a competition where dancers from across America will be coached and drilled by famous choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. As with any competition there are try outs and challenges.  Jelly a woman once plagued with insecurities of being thicker than most professional dancers pressed pass her fears and auditioned. Displaying her best caused Laurieann Gibson to show emotions with her selection on contestant number 1155 Jahleeka “Jelly” Morris. 

Jelly, a single mother from Atlanta struggles with missing her daughter and going after her dream as a dancer. Breaking boundaries and sharing her emotions which encourages women abroad to go after their dreams. The legendary Dance 411 in Atlanta, GA hosted Jelly’s show premiere party, where all her family, friends and colleagues came out to support her on the airing of the show. As they all sat and watched each moment her named was called they cheered.  Instantly viewers attached themselves to her on the show, inspiring women of all shapes and sizes. Tune into BET every Tuesday at 10pm, Born To Dance.

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The Boston native is one of Atlanta’s most creative, passionate and dedicated dancers around. She is a dance instructor at Atlanta’s Dance 411 and is separately a teacher of private classes centered on female empowerment and sensuality.Her passion and drive will be highlighted for the world to see as she competes on Laurieann Gibson’s  “Born to Dance.”  As the only plus sized dancer featured in the competition, Jelly proves that far beyond size, raw talent is the defining factor in discovering a person who is truly “Born to Dance.”

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