Nine years, four albums and eight tours later – Kelly Clarkson is back. This time she’s getting a little more personal – and a little more edgy – with her new album Stronger.

Despite her new album being out since late October – Stronger is gaining momentum one single at a time. The first single “Mr. Know It All” is a catchy tune – with an edgy message. Lyrics such as “When somebody tells you somethin’ bout you // Think that they know you more than you do” seem to make direct hits at her critics. The video for the single also showcases the same message. We find Kelly surrounded by newspaper clippings and websites depicting the vicious things that have been said about her. Did you miss this year’s American Music Awards? If so, you missed out on this curvy canary showing off two of her best assets (her curves and vocal cords) while belting out her comeback to the naysayers.“Mr Know It All” is currently number twenty-one on the Billboard Top 100.

Her latest single “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” is also a nod to her getting back to the basics. With a ferocious opening lyric of “You know the bed feels warmer / Sleeping here alone” and a chorus featuring “You think you got the best of me / Think you had the last laugh” Kelly is letting everyone know that she is doing just fine despite the drama. The video she recently released for it features a montage of her singing and people all over the world dancing.

 Other tunes include “You Can’t Win” and “I Forgive You” are powerful ballads that are showing this new side of Kelly while also showing her strength as not only an artist – but as a person.  She also features her duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean on the deluxe version of Stronger. Kelly also currently has “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. The “Stronger” tour will start January 13th. Thank goodness this curvy canary has found out that she IS stronger than the any obstacle (including those critics!)  because this is an album that is sure to be talked about – in the best way.